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stomach tightening

I am only 21+5 but for the past couple of days I have been getting tightening in my stomach.
I am sitting there and suddenly I just realise I am holding myself very tight and have to relax my muscles.
It feels like stomach ache but is in my back as well.
Have been getting diorreah type pains but with no diorreah.
Anybody else suffering this and what is it?



  • Could be the start of braxton hicks contractions - mine started about that time and were actually worse then than they are now!!
  • yeah i get this its is braxton hicks i usually get them when im sitting down chilling out.
  • Sometimes my belly goes really hard and I feel I have to concentrate on it to get it to stop it doesn't hurt it just makes me jump it's perfectly normal though hun image

  • I know at my antenal class the midwife explained that bh can happen at any time during your pregnancy and everyone is different hence why some people feel them earlier than others. I have just started to get them this last week.
    Tammi xxx

  • Thanks everybody. That's helped to know that it's not just me!
  • Gosh I didn't realise I could be getting BH from any time now! I sneezed the other day and tensed my stomach as I thought that would be better but the pain was terrible - I did something seriously uncomfortable to my stomach ligaments/muscles as a result - took a good few minutes to recover - so now I have to make a concious effort to relax when sneezing (and risk peeing myself instead!) image

    23 +2
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