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sorry to butt in......

over from ttc board, just a quickie.
Sorry if TMI but when newly pregnant or awaiting AF were you wet down there or dry?
only asking cos i'm bit dry and 2 days left til AF due and have no syptoms of pms or pregnancy. Thanks x
Filo x


  • im the same as zoey really i didnt notice any difference but saying that this wasnt a planned preg so wasnt looking for anything either
    sorry im no help really lol!!!!
    good luck and hope to see u on here soon
    vicky 30+6 xx
  • sorry but I have to say I was considerably wetter down there before i found out I was pregnant, so much so it was one of the things that made me wonder if something was up and I was (that and dreaming i was pregnant several times..odd). But I guess it could vary either way alot from person to person along with every other symptom so good luck getting your BFP!!xxx
  • I don't think I noticed any changes at all but then I have never had a lot of cm (except after about my 1st 12 weeks of being pregnant) and never noticed any differences throughout my cycles. I wouldn't worry about symptoms yet as most people don't notice a difference until they know for sure. I know some people who say they know they're pregnant as soon as they conceived but not me - I was so convinced I wasn't. xxx
  • Hi Filobabe,
    I was the same as loubeelou wetter down below but dont forget were all different. keep that PMA going and fingers crossed for you and your bfp image
  • I was wetter also, I thought AF had arrived at work as I felt damp but everybody is sooo different. If you are feeling different down there than usual it could be a good sign that something is happening. Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

    Katie and bambino.x xx
  • Hi Filobabe
    I was dry as a bone, it was the first thing that made me think I might be pregnant as I had been a cm girl (eew!) beforehand!
    PMA to you..
  • I didn't really notice any difference Filobabe. Fingers crossed you get your BFP in the next few days! xxxx

  • i was a lot wetter which made me think i was as i was always dry b4 af came! so if ur normally wet and now dry like flossie was then must be a good sign! xx
  • Thanks everybody, it seems its either wet or dry down there, thats not much help!!!! LOL
    Well got a faint positive this am, but its a day early and have had a chemical pregnancy before. Still no AF symptoms, but high cervix and bit wetter down there today.
    Filo x
  • got my fingers crossed for u filo looking promising !!! xx
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