Did your doctor do a pregnancy test?

Just wondering. Mine didn't for my first pregnancy, but he has for my second.

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  • mine didnt on either pregnancys x
  • Mine didnt do one with my first or my second.
  • nope no test for me either xx
  • my doctor did for my first but not with my second x
  • nope he asked how many i did lol (4) and to which he replied well then your pregnant! lol
  • Mine didn't with my first,that was 8 years ago though but they do now, its compulsory with my doctors now so they did blood tests this time to confirm it. Even though id taken two tests already. x
  • Mine took blood as urine tests were negative
  • no mine didnt do one
  • I didn't for either of my pregnancies.
  • Nope, at the time I wish they did, cos I just didnt believe it.
  • The reason I asked was because when I went to see him when I was pregnant with my first, he said congratulations, took my blood pressure etc then referred me to the midwife. He asked if I'd brought a urine sample and I hadn't so he didn't bother with a test. When I went to see him yesterday and told him I was pregnant, he said "Oh, then we have to do a test". Like he didn't believe me! I know I'm probably just being overly sensitive and hormonal. It's just that I don't really have any pg symptoms and him seeming to question whether or not I was pregnant kind of stung. But again, I'm probably just being overly sensitive.
  • I wanted them to do tests on me but they asked which I used.. clear blue and he said they were better than the ones they used.. refered me to the midwife I found out at 3 weeks and had to wait till nearly 13 weeks to see someone it seemed to take forever! x
  • Mine didn't... my husband used to study medicine and he said that doctors generally won't do them (and will refuse if you ask) because over the counter tests are proof, you can't get a false positive so if you've done one, you know you're pregnant and why should the NHS waste money doing it again?
  • My doctor took my blood not to see if i was pregnant but to see how far gone i was cos when i came off the pill ttc i didnt have any periods so i wasnt sure at all of my dates. He didnt want to do that but obviously he had too...he never once said congratulations, didnt ask me how i was feeling just told me to make an appointment with midwife...i walked out in tears as it was my first pregnancy he was so horrible x
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