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Talkback: Hot flushes – an early sign of pregnancy?


  • Its just hormones going crazy
  • I've just found out I'm pregnant. I was 5 days late for my period and I was getting hot flashes (whilst in work) extremely embarrassing! I tested as soon as I got home.. even double tested and sure enough I had a positive result. It's still early days I know, but I've been feeling quite nauseous too! Today I had to literally force food down my throat because just looking at it made me feel sick. Maybe it's also a bit of anxiety too, but my body definitely feels different.
  • I am a Chinese Medical practitioner. To clarify on #10 cooling foods may help keep you cool in summer BUT during pregnancy it is preferable not to overdo the cooling foods. Too much cold food can cause cold in the internal state of the body, digestive system and uterus too and that is not desirable. You definitely want a balance.

    I suggest more rest and work/life balance and preserving energy. This will also help hot flushes.
  • Sorry above comment was for another article
  • I believe my 1st sign that I was pregnant was the hot flashes been having it for the past 3 weeks. It even snowed and i had to lower the car window. I have been sleeping with the fan on but I just can't seem to cool myself of down. And my body temperature has been high. Even cold showers are not helping.
  • Im 5/6 weeks pregnant some days I don't feel like I am and some days I do. Or some hours I will and some hours I wont why is this
  • I’m a week late had bloods done came bk negative but I have bin having hot flushes and getting the pregnancy symptoms I’m only 27 have I tested to early only had the hot flushes a week now
  • Thanks for your comment, Mummy-to-an-angel. We're afraid we can't really advise you (or anyone else) personally over the internet but we hope you get the result you're looking for!
  • I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as hot flushes, cramping at night and some during the day, bloating like crazy, very fatigue, heightened smells, and weird taste in my mouth in the morning. This has been been going on for two weeks and my period was due 6 days ago. I took a pregnancy test yesterday but it was negative. I'll take one again in a few days.
  • I have the same symptoms as Estoria
  • Jasmine0416 I was going to take another preg test, but two days later my cycle started again, or I could've had a chemical pregnancy, which means the egg did not implant fully or properly. My blood was a bit different too. 
    I wish the best for you :)  

  • We have been trying for baby for more than a year, this month I have been having mild cramps on my right side abdomen. My body temperature is hotter than normal. I’m due for my period in 6 days. I have done pt today came negative. I really want a baby with my partner
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