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Ok I am due in 23 days!!!!! I'm having my baby this month Wohooooooo I just can't believe it. After loosing our first in March last year I never thought we would be where we are today and I'm just completely overwhelmed (might be the hormones lol) I'm actually going to be a mummy it's so frickin' exciting.

Phewww sorry about that just had to tell someone image



  • Lol Caz - it is really sinking in now isn't it?
    I have 14 days left.....
    Sooo exciting!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Congrats C+BB its so exciting and strange how it suddenly just hits u. Have u started ur maternity leave yet, i seem to remember that u werent finishing until later on? 23days is not long now, im really a little overwhelmed and iv still got 30days to go. Hope ur well and all prepared for ur little bundle. Kerry xxx

  • Hey hey image

    I don't finish work until next friday image hopefully lo will hold out until then, but if he doesn't I don't mind.

    Completely prepared and have been for about 6 weeks lol I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Still really nervous that things aren't ready but i think that is normal.

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