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booked for section,,,????

can i ask a question-hope you all dont mind.... i have noticed on a few chats that some ladies have mentioned having dates booked for their sections etc that cause you had a c section last time...???? i only ask cause i had an emergency section with my last and have been offered an elective section or a VBAC this time (am 35 +2) and i so dont know what to do!!!!!have to see the consultant in a week with my decision....and it keeps changing!!!! originally didnt want another section,,,,but as time coming along, the more i think about labour the more i dont want it to go like last time.... i see plenty of advantages of having a planned section...apart from recovery ...but having also had a natural delivery with my first, i also see the benfits of that!!! i really am in two minds, and find it hard not having anyone to talk about it with..OH doesnt mind either way, nor does my midwife..i know its my decision,,,but a little input would be gratefully received xxxxxxxxxx


  • hi,

    im going to be in the same situation as you, im only 15+1 so ive got a long time to think about it think what im going to do is make a pros and cons list for both after my first scan next fri then hopefully that will make it a bit easier when i come to decide at the mo im thinking to go for natural just because of the staying in hosp afterwards as want to come home asap to be with hubby and son and hated staying in last time but know i will change my mind again and again before i have to decide as its quite a hard decistion to make xx
  • i know..the staying in hospital is the worst thing,,although apparently it is only 3 dys after a section now...!!!! what i would be dreading about trying a VBAC is that they said they monitor you closely and dont let you stay in labour too long... so you could end up having a section anyway!!!! i think it is such a hard decision to make!!!!
  • I was only in hospital for 2 nights after my c section and I was up and about 4 hours after the operation.
    I would no question have an elective next time and I'm told I'll probably need one anyway as my lo was too big for my pelvis apparently and back 2 back as well which doesnt help things.
    I thought my c section was an amazing experience and didnt affect me bonding with my son at all!
    If anyone suggests VBAC next time they can blimmin sod off lol.
    But you have to do whats right for you
  • thanks for commments... section didnt affect my bonding either,,,,,and recovery wasnt too bad, just a bit restrictive i suppose once got home. worst part of the section was the 'surprise' element and how it had to be rushed etc and was a bit of a panic situation but the elective section will be different i know
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