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  • Thanks all, I got my letter for the 3 syndromes they were 1 in 20000, I’ll just fire questions at her see if she can answer them. Aww wow if I hear the heartbeat least I won’t be travelling to my scan the following morning a bag of nerves! 
  • @BethO thats exactly me my scan is this Saturday the day after my 16 week appointment this coming Friday so im really hoping the listen to baby's heartbeat then i will sleep the night before scan and rather than being worried can be excited. Xx
  • @emi90 I wasn’t sure if it was just me that travels in the car to the scan thinking oh no is it bad news: I’m so negative daily is unbelievable I wish I wasn’t but I’m just so scared! And I believe I will be like think until I feel movements to track. My fiancé bought me a pregnancy pillow as a suprise yesterday and I was like I can’t what if something happens at the scan and I’m stuck with the pillow here 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m just being an idiot I’ve had to keep it at his dads until the scan as I’m too scared to buy anything for to have anything in the house xx
  • @BethO i have bought some bits but i know exactly what you mean. Its hard. Fingets crossed they will listen to babies heartbeat the day before for both of us which means we can just enjoy all the build up to the scan xx
  • Benka96Benka96 Regular
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    @Bubz2018 oh hun so sorry that you are 'feeling anxious, I hope ots nothing serious??  I'm sure everything will be fine. That's true , its a long wait between 12 and 20 qeeks scams , that's why I'm kind of glad that I got that scan at almost 16 weeks , im a bit more calm now and have to wait just another 4 weeks for the 20 weel scan. 
  • @Bethan_xo @Benka96 good morning i had a lay in this morning. The pressure i feel is really a bit much my back is still quite intense no more bleeding, im going to have my breakfast see how i go, just keep having this niggling feeling somethings not right.  Yeah i agree ill be a couple days after 16 weeks then if all is OK nearly 20 weeks for NHS scan.  Hope your all OK xx
  • @Bubz2018 Morning lovely, glad there is no more blood, back ache is horrid especially lower maybe a warm bath may help? Im sure all is ok hun, Sending over lots of baby dust 💕
  • @Bubz2018 oh bless you! See if you can get checked out , hopefully it’ll be nothing but it can put your mind at rest at least . Try and get as much rest as you can  xx 
  • @emi90 thanks hun,  yeah i have my hot water bottle stuck to my back.

    @Bethan_xo im going to see how i go and i might pop down to MAC their really good down there xx
  • @Bubz2018 after the misscarriage i had last year , tryst me every twinge and every pulling every little spotting I was panicking- I bet you remember me posting here non stop about my concerned asking for advice etc ....but now I jist know I have to stop worrying so much,  its hard i still do worry we always will but I'm just trying to get my mind off it aswell so I don't get its not good for us or the babies :( I'm sure all is good babe  x also having a really bad  lower back pain , especially that I have back problems since I was 15 ..:/ so I'm in pain with my back constantly. 
  • @Bubz2018 oh amd how many weeks are you now ?? Xx 
  • @Benka96. I know exactly how your feeling, i remember yeah how anxious you was it really is tough!!  I've not been so bad I've thought what will be will be as we never planned on anymore. I think it's just the bleeding on second trimester plus the pain in back. I've always had real bad back pain when I'm.on and due on, plus the bad news i got last week all that mixed together making me more anxious for sure.  I guess I'll find out how things are if i have another bleed I'll definitely go to MAC or wait till the 1st dec when i see midwife and have a scan xx. Im 15 weeks tomorrow hun xx
  • @Bubz2018 I see ....yeah we're all always anxious as we can't see the baby inside of us!! Lol . But I'm sure all is fine , I've been bleeding (more like spottin) at 12 weeks and that was my last spotting but also really really freaked me out. Luckily I'm not spotting or bleeding anymore. But I was bleeding at 6 and then 8 weeks so I know how you feel:( ☹ 
  • @Benka96 its happened again tonight. So going straight to MAC in the morning, i just need to see if bubz is ok and work out why its happening it was red this time.  It is scary glad you've had no more though!! I've never bled in second trimester ever!! Xx
  • Oh @Bubz2018 keeping everything crossed for you today, I’m so sure it’s all fine but definitely get checked out, you must be worried sick! 💜💜💜💜
  • @Bubz2018 hope all is ok today. Like @RiaMushk im keeping everything crossed 💕💕
  • @riamushk @emi90. ThaNks lovelies. Just having a good breakfast then head down there. Ill let you know once i can 😘💗
  • So been in hospital a while. They couldn't find heartbeat on Doppler so put me in Scan room the scanner couldn't find heartbeat she told me no movement in the chambers no beat. Sent for her superior, Then she has another look and found it, 🤯directed the midwife with Doppler but Doppler not picking it up. They saying coz bubz is in awkward position my placenta is anterior that's why they finding it hard.  Had swabs cervix is OK. Waiting on bloods now, see Dr. What a drama seriously!! Xx
  • Oh @Bubz2018 i seriously panicked then when i started reading. Glad baby is just fine! Hope your bloods come back ok hun. Xx
  • @Bubz2018 aww bless you that must’ve been so worrying ! I can’t imagine what must have been going through your mind! So glad all is ok with baby  💕 xxx
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