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  • Missed one!

    CatLady220 - 27th Feb 💙
    Siiia - Assia - 2nd March 💙
    Bethany 12 - Beth - 3rd March 💙
    PixieLandy - 3rd March 
    AyeeshaB - 4th March 💙
    CurrentCatMum - Liz - 6th March 💛
    Hanr92 10th March 💗
    DizzyD - 12th March 💗
    Latkin 13th March 💛
    jadelouise92 - 16th March 💙
    foxling 20th March 💗
    Char09 25th March 💗
    Jtk96 - Jess - March 26 💗 baby Viola
    Herestohoping- 27th March 💙
    fireybabey 29th March  💙
  • Ahh thanks for the list @CurrentCatMum!!

    Glad your appnt went well! A friend in another part of the country got her bump measured at her 25 week appnt but I don't think they will do that where I am? Think it's from 28 weeks! 

    I'm struggling with pain in my tailbone and it's so horrible 😔 sitting down does make it worse but then so does standing for a long time! 

    Wow your super brave to even think about moving house, I would be freaking out haha! We have pre ordered our travel system and that arrives in a couple of weeks! Xx
  • @Char09 I was expecting them to measure me today, my chart that they gave me at my booking in appt starts from 24 weeks, but I guess they are leaving that till next time :)

    aww that doesn't sound fun, I am fine sitting and standing and walking around, it's more when I wake up in the mornings, but being a bit more mobile during the day seems to help a bit.

    Well we should really have started a lot sooner than we did! We've just run out of room in our house. It would be manageable to stay here for a bit but we've found somewhere with a bit more space! The only problem is the timing of it all! Luckily the house we've found doesn't NEED any immediate work either, it's just not to our taste, but we could move straight in and do that later. It's not the end of the world, I've got my parents nearby so I can always stay at theirs if I need to, and they'll be on hand to help us move!
  • Hi girls thanks for your reply’s :) they went yesterday but are back again this morning I can only put it down to growing as he is very active and doesn’t stop moving about haha x
  • @Bethany12 I guess everyone's growing pains are slightly different! But sounds like it's nothing to be worried about :)
  • I think cramping is often the stretching and growing. 

    My little miss keeps making me panic with not feeling much movement. Had it on Tuesday and last couple of days been fine then again today. Just adding to my stress and worrying unfortunately! 
  • @Dizzyd I had the same worry too but the midwife at my checkup said they'd probably just moved to a different position where I couldn't feel them as much. She listened to the heartbeat and all was good so thats relaxed me a bit. I did get some v strong kicks today when I was desperate for a wee and my bladder felt full, so maybe they were being squashed 🤣
  • @CurrentCatMum <3 thanks for including me im almost sure he will b born in march with u guys lol

    Being slightly ahead i have noticed there are A LOT of aches and pains that are unexplained n the dr will just keep saying as long as u arent in extreme pain with bleeding im sure all is ok lol i also know u will get days with very little movement which can b scary but i noticed i get this 2 sometimes 3 days a week but he always picks back up.......i just think its growth spurts lol
  • Hi Ladies. Haven’t been on in a fair while. Things have been a bit up& down with the twins. Twin 2 is measuring smaller than they would like so i was orginally having 2weekly apps but then they weren’t happy with his blood flow measurements so had to go to weekly apps as they thought maybe his placenta was restricted, but went back this week and his blood flow numbers were good so 🤞🏼 It’ll continue like that. Iv got growth scan on thursday and all being well with his blood flow numbers i’ll go back to 2weekly apps again. 

    Hope all your pregnancies are going smoothly and your all okay xxxx
  • @Gamble5 sounds like you've been through a bit of a stressful time but hopefully things will go ok from now! Hope the scan goes well on Thursday xx
  • @CurrentCatMum
    yes its been very up n down. Fingers crossed he’s grown by thursday. Really hoping to make it to at least 30-36weeks with them X
  • @Gamble5 FX that the stress is over and im hoping u make it all the way too <3 theres no twins in the feb group so very u know their genders yet?

  • @Gamble5 oh that sounds stressful. Don't know how your doing it with twins. I would be to nervous. However I hope it will all clam down again. ❤️ You can do it, il sure they will both be OK 😘
  • @Catlady220
    hopefully make it feb with them 😊 yes they are both boys, non identical X

    yes its definitely been more stressful carrying twins and sooooo much more uncomfortable lol i’m 25weeks today and i’m already measuring 30cms X 
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