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23 month old won’t sleep all night

Any help is appreciated! My LO can’t self settle- I know it is my fault as I used to let her fall asleep in my arms (first time mum 🤦🏼‍♀️). She is now 23 months and in a big bed of her own. The problem is she wakens 4/5 times in the night, screaming as if she’s in pain and it takes quite a while to settle her. We have tried letting her cry it out but she works herself up so much she makes herself sick and starts to choke. I know this is a part of parenting but I’m also worried there could be long term effects! Anyone have a similar experience? Or suggest anything that might help? The GP has said she will grow out of it and we’ve tried taking her nap off her during the day but it doesn’t make any difference.TIA


  • She might be having nightmares, but either way, she is still so so young and needs you in the night. You didn’t do anything wrong. You are trying to meet your child’s needs, which is important! If you don’t want to be getting up with her so much, you can bring her bed into your room and she will settle more easily there, I’m guessing ❤️ This is hard! I have a perfect sleeper and a not so good sleeper (my older one). 
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