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  • I really wish I could have all these symptoms too. This is my first viable pregnancy. I previously had an ectopic pregnancy, tube raptured at 8 weeks. 
    I'm only 5 weeks along and my only symptoms thus far are sore breast, the intensity comes and goes, which causes me some worry. Fatigue and cramping that comes and goes as well. 
    I worry when I start cramping, I worry when I haven't cramped for some time. Honestly it's like I'm loosing my mind 😅 please can someone tell me that all this is normal? 
  • @lozzz glad you’re not as sick as past pregnancies. sometimes I feel mostly better after lunch, but seems to still be getting worse each day. Pretty sure I ate 2x what I was supposed to today 😩
  • @OverTheRainbow I know what you mean about going crazy one way or the other 😩 I’ll pray for you to have some mental relief. It’s normal to not have many symptoms by 5w. I always have some early symptoms because I’m so sensitive to hormones. I would totally trade symptoms with you right now! 🤢🤢😴
  • @KristinO1987

    I think my morning sickness may have hit me yesterday, I only threw up once however I felt sick all day, I'm now nearly 8 weeks pregnant so it's started a little later for me.


    I had the same issue at 5 weeks although my one symptom that stuck was constipation. And still struggling with that now 😑
  • Hey ya ladies! I'm 6 weeks preggo! Due on 10 Aug 21  :)
    It's my 1st pregnancy and I am freaking out.. been having brown discharge since last week, only when I wipe like every 2 hours. It doesn't stain my pad just if I wipe, I can see it. Saw my GP twice and she said it's normal. Today I start having lower back pain. Praying for all to be well. I ttc'ed for 3 years and finally I am preggo but just too worried 😫
  • @Heymz88

    Congrats!! I've been suffering with the same symptoms as you, have you tried asking the GP to refer you to the early pregnancy assessment unit? I did and they have been great and thorough with scans and everything
  • @Dayna1234

    Yes, I am going in tomorrow. Trying to stay positive though. Will keep everyone posted. Thanks 😊
  • Hi ladies 

    I have some faint (but visable) lines appeared today and would be about 3 weeks only due at the very end of August if all goes well.  
    I've ordered some CB Digitals - I like to see the weeks progression.  I have a 2 year old child but have also had a lot of losses, my last one earlier this year was at 10 weeks, my others all earlier.  
  • Welcome to all the new people here and huge congratulations to you! And some amazing news today, that partners can now attend all appointments and births 😍

  • Welcome to all the new people here and huge congratulations to you! And some amazing news today, that partners can now attend all appointments and births 😍

    Hi Danielle.  That really is great news. 🤞 hopefully it doesn't change.  

  • Hopefully by August corona won't be so present!

    I did a digital this morning, got my 1-2 weeks.  Not exactly sure when my period is or when I conceived this time because unusually for me I didn't even pinpoint my ovulation, usually I really feel it.  I have slightly irregular cycles due to pros, but they seem to have gotten a little shorter lately.  I'm going to go with 31st August as my due date until a scan says otherwise.   Really hoping this little one sticks.  I'm an older Mum at age 35
  • @Meme210 we are so glad to see you here. We have everything crossed this one sticks for you lovely x
  • @Meme210 we are so glad to see you here. We have everything crossed this one sticks for you lovely x
    Thank you Danielle 
  • @Meme210 best of luck for a sticky baby ❤️
  • @Meme210 best of luck for a sticky baby ❤️
    Thank you. You too 
  • @Heymz88 how did your appt go?

    @Meme210 fingers crossed for you that this time is smooth sailing 🤞

    I had my dating scan yesterday and bebe is doing well. Nice strong heartbeat, although I've gained a week as they are measuring at 7w1d. So due date is august 5! 

    We'll be sharing the news with our families over the weekend - this is the first time I've been able to tell my parents face-to-face and I'm excited to see their reactions ❤
  • @lozzz
    Did you get you get to hear the heartbeat at the scan? I should be nearly 8 weeks and have a scan tomorrow. I have been told mixed messaged about when you can hear the heartbeat.

    I live in England so am with the NHS so not sure if it's the same for you ☺️
  • @Dayna1234 I am in Australia, however definitely could hear the heartbeat! I think it can be detected from about 6 weeks so if you are nearly 8 weeks you will definitely be able to hear/see it. It's such a lovely sound 🥰
  • @KristinO1987
    Thank you so much, I really appreciate the prayers. God knows, i need them. I had been spotting on and off since yesterday. Cramping was too hectic, but was cramping. I took a shower earlier on and I noticed that I had passed small tissue like thing. It wasn't mucus or anything like that. It felt fleshy. I'm not having any other symptoms, no heavy bleeding, or back pain, just mild cramps that come and go, but still spotting. Im so scared and sad.

    I'm so sorry about that. Constipation is just terrible preggos or not. 
  • I've miscarried😞
    Congratulations to everyone that is expecting. Wishing you happy pregnancies and safe deliveries.
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