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This is a new thread for the Due in December 2020 birth club, who have given birth or are expecting any time now.

If you've not been part of the Due in December 2020 birth club group so far, but have a baby born around then, feel free to post and join in. 

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  • ❤️
  • Hello ladies, had my second midwife appointment yesterday and my little chunk has put back on 5% weight so he's now 1% under his birth weight since Monday! We had an appointment at the breast feeding clinic today and he doesn't need any intervention for his very slight lip tie and he's doing great ☺️

    Today is his due date and he's been in our lives for 6 days ❤️
  • That’s fantastic news @Emmy012 well done on the feeding, you’re doing amazingly! 

    I don’t know about percentages as such as midwife didn’t mention then but I worked out that Ralph, on day 5, had only lost 2% being 2oz as he weighed 6lb 14oz and I think that 10% of that is 11oz. It’s a strange time though isn’t it when you’ve no idea how much they are taking in?! I read a really interesting article about a doctor who weighed two babies before and after their feed and it showed the baby that fed for ten minutes out on 1oz and the bay who fed for fifty minutes put on the same. So much depends on baby and flow! I googled this after worrying that Ralph has only fed for ten minutes at a time all day. And of course how he’s just fed for a solid 30 😂
  • @RememberToBreathe crazy isn't it! Dylan feeds around 15-20 minutes really, as long as I can hear him gulping it down I'm happy. Saying that though he drained both boobs tonight and is now out like a light in his rocker 😂 boy loves his boob!
    I absolutely love that you called him Ralph! Its amazingly cute!! 
  • The noises @Emmy012! DH actually can’t believe the guzzling 😂 So great to hear Dylan likes a good feed! So many people have told us how much they love the name Ralph. I was a little worried people would think it was a bit boring x
  • @RememberToBreathe he pulled the best milk drunk face last night that I have ever seen in my life. He's great like a little drunk wobbly potato 😂😂❤️
  • @Emmy012 congratulations on doing so well with the feeding!
  • @winter2020 thanks lovely, it's been tough feeding in demand and means I get small bouts of sleep but I'm managing! Very happy he's gaining weight and certainly is gaining some chubby cheeks. I feel like he's changing and growing right in front of my eyes! 
  • We had a rough time overnight and I’m exhausted. DH could do nothing because Ralph just wanted to feed. But he’s hard to keep awake so just as he goes fine down he realises he wants more 🙈
  • @RememberToBreathe @Emmy012 @winter2020
    I too have had a bad night.
    Layth was put on Gaviscon due to showing signs of silent reflux, he never vomits but often pulls his knees up in pain and fusses at the breast
    He has been pooping like mad but now the gaviscon seems to be making him constipated and he's worse.
    Am not giving him anymore today.
    I have loads of milk sometimes I wonder if it comes out too fast and that's causing the issue.
    I expressed yesterday and even tried him with a bottle and teat during the night but he has no idea how to suck it and refused it completely (am fine with that in all honesty) 
    Anyone else think their wee ones may have a tummy issue? 
    To top it off my boiler is leaking and water has come through my kitchen ceiling! 
    This all would happen when Daddy isn't here!! 
    Right rant over! 
    Aww you guys are just super Mums!! 
    Hopefully Ralph and Dylan have a better night tonight and let you both have some much needed rest! 
    By the way I also think Ralph is a cool name and definitely NOT boring x
  • @MissM2203 oh no! All my sisters babies had horrible reflux, I really hope it's short lived for the both of you.
    Dylan has been gassier as of late and pooping a lot but I'm not overly concerned he still settles and hasn't shown any signs of reflux (yet) after seeing my sisters babies in so much distress with it I dread it happening to him.
    I'm trying to get him to take milk a bit slower for longer, he guzzles like no tomorrow then is super gassy. Trying to lean back and get him to control the milk flow a bit better. 
    Can you get anyone to help with the boiler?! So sorry you're having it rough lady ❤️
    @RememberToBreathe I'm having that issue, I'll feed him at night and 30 minutes later he's hungry again and dad is having to wake me up again as he won't settle! 
  • @Emmy012
    My first had silent reflux but second was absolutely fine. 
    She was in agony and within a few minutes of being on the boob she would scream in pain, it was horrible. 
    He is nowhere near as bad and most of his feeds go fine but there are some especially in the evening that he just seems like he has something that's sore and cries constantly.
    He wants on the boob but when the milk comes he pulls off and cries, it's heartbreaking.
    Gosh all 3 babies had it, that's awful.
    Did your sister use gaviscon? Wonder why some babies are more prone? 
    Does Dylan bring up his gas quite easily? I don't think Layth is good at burping but he does eventually have it come out the bottom end often with a projectile poop!!! 
    My DH FaceTimed me so I have turned some knobs and put the pressure up and he thinks it should stop but if not I will have to call my Mums plumber out.
  • @MissM2203 apparently its hereditary so if you have one with its very likely you'll have another one with it! Hers were extreme milk allergies with reflux, they were in gaviscon and had to drink neocate formula to help. They screamed constantly, it was torture for her!
    I dont see maybe slowing the milk flow harming him, it might be a bit more comfortable if he fills up slowly. 
    I find Dylan will burp quite well after or I between boobs when feeding, he does have a lot of bottom gas though and is a constant poo machine! Explosive mustardy poop. Yum.

    I hope you get the boiler to stop leaking lovely, what a pain! 
  • MissM2203MissM2203 Regular
    edited Dec 20, 2020 1:24PM
    @Emmy012 Aw what a nightmare, that must have been hard going. 
    Thankfully he seems to only be bothered sometimes with it, but it may get worse? 
    It's heartbreaking because he is such a great wee feeder otherwise. 
    Because of lockdown it's not going to be easy as nobody will come out to see him now. 
    Have you altered your diet at all? 
    I have only one coffee in the morning and avoid spicy foods and chocolate except white chocolate.
    I have been snacking on plain biscuits tho and am always ravenous even during the night!! Shocking! 
  • Well ladies, Fíonn refuses to settle in his cot or basket at night. Anyone have any tips? We're gonna be putting him down for naps in the cot today and hopefully he'll settle a bit easier 😖 I'm absolutely shattered but on a brighter note have finally asked his godmother to be his godmother. Her reaction was the sweetest thing ❤️
  • @winter2020 sorry for my late reply, I had a bad day yesterday and was quiet teary and exhausted and felt miserable. After some sleep and a better night I'm feeling a bit more lively today. Baby blues are real!
    We had trouble getting Dylan to settle in his cot, it's still a work in progress but on a night we have a routine of feed, change, cuddle lay in cot. We have a ewan the sheep soother which glows and plays white noise/heart beat sounds and is cry activated. We had tried a few different combos but white noise really helps him settle so it means I can get a couple of hours sleep between feeding and changing.

    You can try playing white noise on your phone? See if it helps him to settle. I've gotten used to sleeping with the noise 😂 he's still not 100% there during the night with his cot but it's a work in progress. He would happily just sleep on me or OH. But in order to function we need a little rest!

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