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Back from EPU

Have posted this on ttc and july forum - so sorry if you are reading this 3 times!

Just got back from epu and still rather emotional.

Baby number 1 - 2.6mm with a clear heartbeat
Baby number2 - 1.4mm no visable heartbeat

I am happy with just the one but two would be amazing - back on friday for make or brake on baby number 2 - they are quite hopeful that it is growing well and it is normal to have one much smaller than the other.

Those coins in the Trevi fountain seem to have worked - will continue to cross everything for all of us x x


  • My fingers are firmly crossed for you that it is just a little early yet for number2! How far along are you?

  • My fingers are tightly crossed for you! Baby 2 is a great deal smaller that Baby 1 so its a good chance that it is just growing as it is very normal to have one smaller than the other. Please keep us posted! I hope all goes well for you!

  • crossing fingers for both babies. good luck xx
  • Fingers crossed that both babies are ok and take care
    Filo x
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