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I need advice please!

9DPO/10DPO I had faint positives on different tests. 11DPO-12DPO, nothing much on tests any more.

AF due on 12DPO (yesterday). BBT still high.

12DPO I had very sharp, very short lived pain, lasting at best 5-10 seconds. An hour later I had very little pink watery discharge.

An hour after that I passed one single, very small clot.

No further discharge.

With the tests, I was convinced I was about to have another miscarriage.
However, I now think that maybe I ovulated two eggs (as I did in 2009) one implanted and I potentially lost that one but ones only implanted last night - with the pink watery discharge (small and slight), sharp pain and the one single clot.

I can post photos if needed.
I just want advice as I’ve never had these symptoms with other pregnancies or miscarriages.

I am now 13DPO and AF was due yesterday. 

I have never had AF or a MC start with a small pinky watery loss and an hour later the passing of one very small clot with NO other blood attached?! 


  • Could it be late implantation? If blood wasn’t red then no reason to think it was chemical or AF. There are lots of reasons to have small bleeds in early pregnancy. Please have a look at this link
  • Hi @Minch406

    How have things been today? Have you done anymore tests? My MCs were red blood from the start as far as I can remember. I really hope that it is implantation bleeding you had x
  • Have you tried restarting @Minch406

    Or maybe test in a few days 
  • @Ellabella84, I was hoping that too but I am putting it down to another miscarriage. Tests on 9 & 10DPO were definitely positive, but then they faded. The next evening (so just over 24 hours after I posted this) the bleeding started. Weird though as I've never had a miscarriage like this with small pink watery blood (the same as implantation), to then pass 1 small blood clot with no blood next to it and to not bleed for another 24 hours.. Very strange! 

    @SmithL35, Thank you! I hoped it was implantation too! Unfortunately not, weird though as I've never had a miscarriage start like this!

    @Catj21, No need to test. Just over 24 hours after posting this the red blood started. :( 
    Suffered with secondary infertility for over 2 and a half years to fall pregnant in December, miscarry, then fall pregnant in January and miscarry again. Heartbroken but I kind of expected this one so it's thankfully not hit me as hard as Decembers'. <3 

  • I know I’ve said it in another forum but my heart goes out to you! @Minch406 .

    I had what I guess was classed as a chemical as it was a week after af was due and bleeding after seeing a positive and getting excited is soul destroying. 

    I don’t know if you’re in the UK or not but here you get extra support and tests after 3 miscarriage and as sh%tty as you must feel right now, I really hope this can help escalate support to get you that baby in your arms. baby dust x
  • So sorry for your loss @Minch406 x
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