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  • @KristinO1987 I had one avocado, soda bread and some boiled eggs (British lion stamped of course), with almost a full carton of Tropicana and four two finger Kit Kat’s xxxx
  • I cba cook full Sunday dinner today so we have had chicken and stuffing baps. Then I've just ate half a honeydew melon to myself 🙈 xx
  • @Stokiejodie I’m the same - can’t be bothered to cook plus the smell of cooking is putting me off. OH is making soup for the week so guess what I’ll be having this week to eat! I don’t mind as it’s something that I can eat and enjoy just now. 5pm came and oh my...the boobs started becoming agony again. It’s the same time each night now. I’m exhausted after the country walk today. Being cooped up all day with this lockdown it feels so nice just to breathe the fresh air right now. As I work in close contact with clients I read the government website today and they have said we are now in the most vulnerable group re covid. So will need to get risk assessment done once I return to work and it could mean that I will need to work from home not long after lockdown is lifted, however I can adjust my work and not deal with the clients directly and just manage the team and concentrate on full management tasks. We will see when the time comes. They have mentioned something about it applying if you are 28 weeks now. 🤷‍♀️ Xxx
  • Hey ladies, hope you're all doing better than i am... I hate the first trimester. Im so nauseous, I've also started vomiting spot on at 8 weeks like with my first. Going in the kitchen/laundry makes me gag so much... Cooking is such a burden, thankfully my husband helps when he can.. im also sleeping horribly but thats because my almost 2-year old has decided he doesn't want to sleep at night anymore... Im losing my mind! 

    Only 7 months to go -_-'
  • Oh no sorry your not having the best time of it @EmPa. Just keep possitive only a few more weeks then hopefully you won't be feeling as tired.

    I've finally had my order through today for some vitamin d tablets that the midwife said should take all through pregnancy. I had to order them and wait over a week for delivery as every shop I went into and even the chemist had sold out or only had the higher dosage as it seems people think they will get rid of covid 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈 xx
  • Hi ladies I've been feeling more nauseous but still not being sick starting to get heartburn milk and sucking sweets seem to help luckily my oh does most of the dinners his a better cook them me we had sausage cassorole tonight 😋
  • @Sj83 OH has already given me a few choices for my lunch tomorrow 🤣🤣 had loads of soup today which was yummy! Nausea seems to just hit me at around 3pm until I fall asleep whereas it was all day before. Took your advice and I have been sucking rhubarb and custard boiled sweets today to take away nausea. Absolutely shattered nap today so hopefully I get a good nights sleep tonight xxxx
  • My GP also recommended vitamin D tablets as apparently my blood test showed I was low. Trying to get out and about a bit to get it naturally though haha. 

    I booked in for my 12 week scan on Monday which is exciting. I was also given a prescription for some anti-nausea wafers, but the pharmacist wouldn't give them to me as apparently there is a small risk of cleft palate if you take it in the first trimester. So she gave me something else instead which does absolutely NOTHING. 🙄

    I'm 11w5d now, so hopefully not much longer to go before I start having more good days than bad. I don't really have any food aversions anymore and I don't need to nap every day either, but ugh the bloody nausea is forever under the surface. 

    It's my daughters first birthday on Saturday, and we are having her party in a park nearby. I'm really hoping I feel good because we have so much yummy food that I want to be able to eat 🤣
  • How is everyone going?

    My nausea is starting to get a little better, I struggle with breakfast and dinner but lunch is going down well. Looking forward to having cravings as well as the aversions. Everything just smells so bad!!! I'm Soo looking forward to the second trimester! 
    I'm 9 weeks and see the midwife next week,  excited to book in my first scan in a few weeks time!! 
    It has been raining heavily here now for 3 days straight and the driveway is starting to flood so hopefully it stops before it gets to the house! 

  • Hey ladies. I’m glad that we are all in the same boat. Nausea, fatigue, wishing for it to be over 😅 my nausea is coming back a bit but I think it’s because I stopped taking the unisom for 3 nights. So I started taking it again last night and I think I just need to keep it up for a while. I didn’t think it was helping that much, but I was wrong!! 

    My midwife is coming over tomorrow for my first prenatal appointment! It’s going to be a bit crazy because my daughter has classes and my husband is working. Luckily my mom can help with the kids this week, she just got here. Kinda excited and kinda just wanting it to be over already so I can take a nap. I’m working tomorrow but taking a few hours of leave for my appointment. Busy day scheduled though!
  • Morning everyone. Im really struggling to wake up in the mornings. Put it this way, its a good job im working from home haha. 

    I emailed my manger yesterday and said something on the lines of im dealing with some major things personally atm, which I dont want to go into but will in next few weeks coming (dont want tell them in pregnant untill after 12 week scan) and that its causing me stress and anxiety and with that ontop of all the stress from work I havent been able concentrate properly and feel like I'm doing a rubbish job atm and that im going get drs appointment to see what they can do to help or support. Think im going go off work untill after 12 weeks scan as dont want put myself and baby under any further stress than is necessary in early pregnancy. Xx
  • I’m sorry @Stokiejodie did you get to talk to your manager today? 

    Had my first prenatal appointment today and finally heard heartbeat and my husband did too 😍 165 and she found it right away. She said it could take a while to find, but it didn’t!! I love my midwife ❤️❤️ 
  • @Stokiejodie I'm sorry to hear you are struggling so much right now! I am actually still on maternity/family leave from my last baby, so this is the first time I haven't worked during the first trimester. I remember how much I struggled last time (which is actually the main reason we decided to have our third so close to our second, because I did not want to work whilst pregnant again!) so I really feel for you. Hopefully your work is flexible and allows you some time to rest and relax until you are feeling better 🤞

    @KristinO1987 how exciting! Nice strong heartbeat, too! Nothing better than hearing that sound 🥰

    I am actually feeling okay today. Probably my best day since mid-December, if I'm being honest 😱 I'm operating at about 60% of my 'normal' self, which is a decent improvement on the usual 30% over the last month. I still have a bit of nausea (and I vomited this morning) but overall I feel.....alright. lol. 

    I hope this is the start of a trend! I am 12 weeks tomorrow, only 7 more days until I reach that second trimester milestone and HOPEFULLY all the fun that comes with it!
  • @Stokiejodie im not going to lie. I work from home and have done nothing in the first 12 weeks.  I feel exactly the same as you. Is this your first child too? 

    Had my 12 week scan yesterday and baby is strong with 156 heartbeat. 
    All the neccessary checks were done and are normal. 

    @lozzz Ive had days when ive felt so normal. I was questioning if I was still preggers.  Glad you are doing well. 

    @KristinO1987 so exciting about the heartbeat. Do you think its a girl? 
    Everyone says the higher heartbeat is a girl. Wonder how much truth there is in that.

    I have my next scan at 16 weeks because I'm still "high risk" 

    But here's the one from yesterday. 

  • @KristinO1987 @TTCat33for1stbaby are how wonderful that you got to see/ hear the heartbeat. Bet that was an amazing experience !

    I saw the heartbeat at my last scan 2 weeks ago (8week1day) and when I asked if you could hear it yet they said they don't measure or listen to the heartbeat here anymore using ultrasound, they just go off what it looks like, as to listen or measure it it uses stronger ultrasound waves which may not be good for the baby at any stage ? 🤷🏼‍♀️ they said midwife will be able to listen to it after 20 weeks but she said she may be able to hear it at 16 weeksx
  • I emailed my manager saying I was struggling to concentrate etc and stressed and anxiety and she just said let her know what the gp said. I did call the gp and the receptionist said id have to self cert for the first week then call back again if need longer.

    I'm 10 weeks today (first time in double figures) and my 12 weeks scan will be at 12 weeks 6 days so I'm looking to get a few weeks off really xx
  • @TTCat33for1stbaby I have never paid too much attention to all those ways to guess gender. Some people live to guess and wonder, but I hate guessing lol. Maybe because I’m an engineer 🤣 I’d be happy with a girl. Or boy 😆 but I guess I can tell in about 9w at my anatomy scan! Look yay your beautiful ultrasound pic 😍😍 are you finding out gender? You can definitely see it at 16w ultrasound 🎉

    @Stokiejodie I saw hb on my dating ultrasound but they didn’t measure or listen to it then either. Hope you get to relax and stay home from work for a couple weeks ❤️❤️
  • @KristinO1987 at this stage im not bothered if I get into trouble with work for having weeks off as if it means less stress and anxiety for the baby then thats all that matters.

    I logged onto work this morning to a calendar invite from the manager saying we need to have a discussion at 2pm today regarding the email I sent. I just said I dont mind if that's what she wants but I've not got anything more to say it is what it is and that I have gp appointment tomorrow. (I dont but I'm just going say they have advised me to self cert for at least one week and then maybe few weeks more on sick note) xx

    Hope your all feeling ok. I've been really hungry in mornings this week and started having garlic and herb philledelphia on toast 🙈
  • Hi ladies. Iv been looking in on this group for a few weeks but been reluctant to join due to my history. However today I decided to bite the bullet and introduce myself and tell you abit about myself. I’m 35 years old and currently 9 weeks preganant with baby no 3. I have 2 older children. My son is 17 and daughter is 16, huge age gap I’m going to have I know!!!
    Anyway I fell pregnant in august 19 but sadly had a missed miscarriage in October which resulted in surgery. I fell pregnant again in both dec 19 and jan 20 and had 2 months of back to back miscarriages which was a little harsh. I was referred to the recurrent miscarriages clinic and had numerous blood tests, scans and biopsies and nothing was found to be a problem. I then fell pregnant in august which was hard as the due date was 1yr 1day after the initial miscarriage. Anyway I was placed on progesterone suppositories but it appears they were not started early enough and I had miscarriage no 4. I then contacted a fertility specialist over in Coventry who specialises in testing for natural killer cells as that was one thing the NHS didn’t and won’t test me for. So I had a consultation and biopsy in nov and the biopsy was clear. The consultant prof brosens seemed to think I needed progesterone from 7dpo until I either got af or a positive test, one a positive test my progesterone dose was to be increased. Anyway in dec I gave it a go and here I am 9 weeks pregnant!! Iv not had an easy time so far either with this pregnancy. Due to my history I am scanned every 2 weeks. The first scan being at 6 weeks. All was great. That evening though I began to feel extremely poorly and was tested for covid 36hrs and was positive. I had already had morning sickness set in at 4+5 so was not great prior to being positive. Covid has been awful I was nearly admitted to hospital on 2 occasions for severe vomiting which was a combination of both covid and morning sickness. My GPs have had me on regular anti sickness which has had to be changed due to the first one not being effective. I was so worried when I went for my scan at 8 weeks as I had been so ill, but the little bean was there with a healthy beating heart so I was slightly relieved. I still am finding it really difficult to become excited about this pregnancy and get my hopes up at the moment but I’m sure you ladies will help cheer me along. I have another scan booked for Friday next week when I will be 10+2. Iv not yet seen the midwife but have finally rang up to try and book in and haven’t got my first appointment until I’m 12+1 so I’m guessing my booking in scan won’t be until I’m around 14 weeks. I’m not to bothered about this as I’m still scanned fortnightly until obstetrics take over and I was planning to pay privately for NIPT testing at 12 weeks which includes another scan. My official due date at the moment from
    my scans is 25th august however due to both of my previous deliveries being c-sections (I’m not allowed to have vaginal births following my sons delivery) at 37 and 38 weeks im
    guessing the latest il get to is 39 weeks. 
    Anyway il leave it there as it’s quite the essay for you to read. I look
    forward to getting to know you all xx
  • StokiejodieStokiejodie Regular
    edited Jan 20, 2021 4:27PM
    @MrsH02 welcome. You sound just like myself I kept reading through everyone's messages but was too scared incase I jinxed myself. You are exactly a week behind me from my last scan im due 18th August.

    I have also struggled to get pregnant and when I have I've always have miscarriages. These have been over the last 10 years. Due to this I was under reoccurring miscarriages so as soon as I got the possitive I was sent for a scan the following week and told to start the progesterone perrseries and also take higher folic acid and 75mg of aspirin. 

    I've also had scans every 2 weeks since so I have had 2 so far and have my next one tomorrow when I will be 10+1 this will be my last one under them I think as at my 8 week scan they told me to book in for the normal dating scan which is booked for 9th Feb (12+6) but they wanted me to come back tomorrow for another one in between xx
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