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  • @RememberToBreathe glad the saline spray worked. I use it too, Rory creates a fuss when I use it but it helps him.

    @Emmy012, we still sleep in shifts using the Moses basket downstairs. I have just moved his bedside crib out if our bedroom as it's never used and takes up so much space. The rate we are going, he will be in his own room before we stop shift sleeping 🤣 I have never watched so much Netflix, lol xx
  • Morning how are you all today? 
    Hope you manage to have a good long sleep before Dylan wakes for a feed today.
    personally I think gaviscon is a waste of time.
    It made Layth worse. The faff of how it's administered is bad enough but he went more off his feeds and he got extremely constipated and when he did manage to poop it really hurt him to get it out so I stopped it.
    I don't even bother putting him in his next to me or Moses basket now because he just chokes or immediately gets hiccups when flat.
    tried raising the cot at one side but it doesn't help.
    He sleeps on my chest and am propped up with a pillow under each arm!! 

    Oh should mention Goodfellas do a vegan falafel and it's really tasty.
    I got it at Tesco in their frozen vegan section 
  • @MissM2203 I slept until 2pm today as he was a fuss pot and oh had to wake me constantly for feeds 😭 he's asleep on me now so I'm hoping I have a quiet night with him and I can nap whilst he does too. 
  • @Emmy012, that sounds like a good sleep :) I try to get a bit more sleep in the night too but little monkey starts settling around 7.30 am, just about the time big sister gets up 😂
  • @MissM2203 I’m inclined to agree! Ralph has started throwing up the gaviscon as soon as it goes down and even after only a couple of days he was constipated - was painful just watching his face whilst he was trying to poop! Let’s hope the dairy free diet helps! Re the pizza, we have that one all the time because I’m obsessed with falafel but I’d totally forgotten it’s vegan. Hurrah! 

    @Emmy012 hope you’ve had a decent night tonight x

    @LouTTC83 Ralph generally likes to start the day around 6 but once he’s had a big feed (he doesn’t eat a huge amount overnight) he’s usually ready for a nap again by 7.30 and so sometimes we both go back to bed! You’re a hero for having to get up then with your daughter! DH and I have had a loose conversation about having a second and based on the fact I’m 36 (which I know isn’t ancient at all really) and with Ralph it took us five pregnancies to get one to stick we might start trying in January next year. I know that’s a way off but right now I’m so tired I can’t even think about making time for sex let alone actually looking after two!!!!
  • @LouTTC83 that's typical Isn't it!

    @RememberToBreathe I can't believe the first night he sleeps in 3 hour blocks from 9pm only waking for feeds and a quick change and I can't sleep. Can't sleep at all!
    Excellent news on baby #2 OH is still anti anymore babies 😂 I reckon I'll be able to change his mind in a couple of years time. I've always said I'd love two! I still can't think about sex though, I was given the go ahead at my check up but I'm just not ready for that any time soon 😬
  • @RememberToBreathe I have just woken Rory up to feed him (3.25am) he.went down at about 9pm and its my shift so been lying on the sofa eating for him to wake up and be fed. Haha. 
    You are a similar age to me, I was the same, didn't want to leave it too long in case I struggled to conceive again and I was worried about risks being older. I had Emily when I was 35 and Rory at 37. 😁
    In some ways I think i could squeeze in another one. My husband does not agree. Haha 😂🤣
  • Well that’s just bloody typical @Emmy012!! We’re having our usual night. Ralph tends to sleep between 10 and 2/3 but then is so sickly and windy after his feed I can’t put him down. I tried but we’re up again poor soul. Do hope you’re asleep now x 

    @LouTTC83 can’t imagine two let alone three! But we’d like Ralph to have a sibling ideally. If things go to plan I’d be 38 when the next one arrives which would be fine so 🤞🏻 
  • @RememberToBreathe I managed to doze for an hour before handing over to OH. I felt bad as he had just filled his nappy the moment he came downstairs and I handed him over with a "soz" look on my face 😂 I'm still a tiny bit bitter he gets 8 hours uninterrupted sleep whereas I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight in over 8 weeks. 
  • @RememberToBreathe
    They are so nice arent they? 
    I have been caught out tho as some vegan foods still say "may contain milk" so it's all about reading the labels.
    Sainsbury's do quite a good range of foods and a nice dairy free lasagne.

    I fell asleep ok last night but Layth's second feed at 3am I could not get back to sleep at all when he did. I have only slept for 2hrs and now have a headache.

    My DH is good for helping with cooking and some housework but he has never helped during the night, in fact he sleeps in the spare room!
    I think the longest he has stayed up is midnight but had to sleep until 10.20 the following day as he was knackered.
    I feel quite annoyed at him when he yawns because he always gets at least 9hrs straight where as am surviving on 4 broken hours.
    He was same with the girls utterly useless during the night. He's quite crap when they are this little, he's better when they turn 2 🤣 
  • That’s good to know @MissM2203 - I checked every set of ingredients for this week’s shop and will continue to do so! Currently enjoying a smoothie breakfast smoothie which has lentils in it - need to make sure I get my protein! 

    My DH sleeps with us (and the dog) but I take Ralph into his own room to change / feed so his sleep isn’t that disturbed really. They don’t know how easy they have it!!
  • @MissM2203 Ahh no, I managed to get some sleep from 5am off and on between feeds. He's been really fussy tonight and didnt settle for a long time. OH very kindly started playing with him and over stimulating him so he was cranky and fussy feeding and fighting sleep. Yay. It's nearly 2am and he's asleep but I can't sleep. I keep thinking there's no point as he will be awake soon for a feed and change.

    @RememberToBreathe OH would never wake up to be honest he's a deep sleeper. I'd love to try Dylan in his cot in our room again but OH seems to be pushing to stay as we are but it's starting to take its toll on me a little. We swapped so I do the night shift and now I miss so much of the day and hardly get much daylight which Itself is depressing. Sigh.

    Have any of you ladies started birth control yet? I started back on cerazette nearly two weeks ago and it's making me feel rubbish. I've been bleeding since starting it and my mood has been getting progressively worse too. I was feeling pretty good before hand and didn't think it would cause me any issues as I'd been taking it for years before TTC. Genuinely contemplating coming off it to see if it changes. 

  • Definitely think you need to push to try Dylan in your room again @Emmy01 and see how it goes!? You need some daylight! Annoyingly Ralph only did three hours tonight - knew it would happen as he’s been a right fuss pot today! 

    I don’t know what to do about birth control. The pill I was on is one the GP wouldn’t prescribe and I’m reluctant to go on anything which might bring back break through bleeding when I’m not getting periods whilst breast feeding. I’m also not convinced that the pill I was on had nothing to do with my issues conceiving 🤷‍♀️ Maybe talk to your GP?
  • Rory is ten weeks today 💕
    Anyone know if we need to wake babies up in the night to feed them at this stage? Or just let them wake us when they are ready? Rory has been going from about 8.30 pm to 3.30 am, annoyingly mostly daddy's shift lol. Don't know if we should be waking him part way through xx
  • @Emmy012 I had the bar put in my arm about two weeks ago, haven't bled yet with it but I'm feeling good.

    Finally got fíonn to fall asleep by himself in the cot in our room last night. He went for two and a half hours until ohs alarm went off but then he dosed back to sleep. 

    @LouTTC83 happy ten week birthday Rory! Fíonn is 2 months old tomorrow by date by technically nine weeks on Thursday 🥰
  • Afternoon ladies 
    Wow Rory is a clever boy sleeping that long that's amazing.
    I wouldn't waken him, he is gaining weight fine so unless their was an issue with that or a problem with your supply I would be just leaving him to sleep and enjoy the rest xx

    I am undecided what am going to do regarding contraceptive? Am not going back on the pill I know that much.
    If I do decide to use something then am thinking the rod or the patch however at the moment sex is not even  thought.
    I feel so tired and unattractive it's the last thing I want 🤢
  • Morning ladies, I'm absolutely delighted with Fíonn. He's two months old by day today (nine weeks old tomorrow), and not only did he sleep in his cot for two three hourish stints last night, but he has learned to roll. He can get himself from back to tummy now, honestly couldn't believe it when he first done it 😭 got very emotional at how big he's already gotten 😭 he has his jabs on Monday so not sure how we're both going to handle that. 

    I developed carpal tunnel in the last week's of pregnancy that never went, have an appointment with the gp tomorrow because my wrist has gotten worse, can't feel one or two of my fingers and it really hurts to put any weight at all on my arm, even winding fíonn hurts
  • @winter2020, well done Fionn. That is amazing. My daughter was six months by the time she first rolled over xx
  • @winter2020
    wow that's super early to be rolling over, clever boy Fionn. 
    Sorry the carpal tunnel hasn't cleared, steroid injections into the wrist can often work, it's painful when it's done but only for 24hrs. 

    Gosh I am so damn tired today! 
    Feel like I have hit a wall ☹️
  • Honestly couldn't believe it. It happened twice where we looked away for a second and he had rolled from his back to his tummy. He's also learned how to roll off of me 😂 he's really discovered his voice and feet too 
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