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6 weeks... signs of miscarriage?

The first picture was from this morning and the second is what happens when I’ve been going to the bathroom. Every time I wipe there’s the brown discharge color with little bits of something. I’m super nervous and really hope it’s not a miscarriage. This is my first pregnancy and I’m really hoping baby is okay. Please let me know what this means. 


  • I had this at the beginning of my current pregnancy, thought I'm misscarrying(again) and I'm not 30 weeks. can be old blood just coming out. Implantation bleeding... If you don't have any pains and contractions and heavy bleeding it is probably not miscarriage. 
  • It just happened to me 2 days ago. Started with red blood but only while wiping. I used a pad but nothing was collected. Yesterday had changed in brown, also only while wiping. Also had period pains. I am waiting for EPU to call to arrange a scan because this happened Friday evening and they are closed. I’m terrified however and would like to here positive outcomes from all of you :(
  • Sorry I haven’t mentioned I am now 5w6d..
  • It ended up being a miscarriage. I lost the baby last night. Thank you for your insight, keep me in your thoughts while I go through the grieving process. 
  • I started to bleed Wednesday at what i thought was 6,4 weeks  morning it was only pink and light and was getting pains etc with it. I rang my gp and was sent to the EPU for a ultrasound scan the following day. They said they could see the gestational sac and yolk sak but no featul pole she informed this could be due to me being earlier than expected. I have been booked back in for another 2 weeks. My bleeding stopped and has returned again, light red but no clots, gp says its just a waiting game. It's my first pregnancy too and it's so scary, try contacting your gp for peace of mind. Thinking of you all and sending big hugs xx
  • I am currently going through this... 3 previous miscarriages then 2 healthy babies had a private scan yesterday due to spotting but since scan bleeding has worsened so I’m sure im now having a miscarriage at 5weeks 6 days today. Booked in for a scan next Monday due to my history it seems soo long to wait xxxx
  • Its so horrible isn't it. My bleeding got worse yesterday and pains became unbearable that ambulance was sent. Got to A&E to be told to go back home and wait till 11th. So hard to stay positive, cos I can't see it being anything other than a miscarriage either. So mixed yo with my dates now too as with last period etc I calculated im 7,3 but EPU reckon could be up to 12 days out. So still could be too early to tell. Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed x
  • I am currently going through this. Did it end up being a miscarriage if you don’t mind me asking? Thank you
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