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Really struggling with weaning.


I really hope someone can help or give me some reassurance. 

My first baby, he’s 7.5months now and exclusively breastfed up until 6 months old. 
I started weaning with purée veg which I prepared myself. To begin with he took to it really well and was enjoying it. I then introduced breakfast and veg in the evening after 1 week. Again he took to it well but I found with the veg he was more interested in trying to pick it up and eat it but it was purée so I gave both finger food and puree. He wasn’t eating a lot but he was very keen and interested. 
I then started to combine veggies and introduce some flavour and that’s when it went wrong. He would take one mouthful and gag so hard it make him be sick. He did this two days in a row so I completely stopped for a week as I didn’t want him to be put off food altogether.  

During that week I decided to introduce formula as for personal reasons I want to slowly begin to stop breastfeeding. It was a struggle but we got to having a small bottle then breastfeed top up. 

So then I decided to start solids again with breakfast only and it went well. So he was having porridge in the morning, and a small bottle of formula at around lunch and breastfeed top up. Every other feed was breastfeeding. I started increasing formula so he was having a full bottle at lunch and a small bottle with top up at night before bed. And that went really well. 

I then started dinner again, not expecting him to eat much I fed him purée again late afternoon time but he was completely refusing it to the point he’s trying to climb out his chair.

I spoke to my health visitor she told me not to give puree and to feed baby what we eat as he’s old enough now just make sure it’s not spicy or salty (She’s not been too helpful, when I had postpartum  depression she just told me to get out more and stop thinking negative but that’s another story). 
I tried what she said but he just does not have any interest at all. He’s still eating porridge in the morning, and 1 formula bottle before bed, breastfeeding every other feed. Anything else I offer he will shake his head before he even tries to taste it. 

It’s really badly stressing me out as I see all these pages on social media where babies are eating so well at his age which I’ve unfollowed now. I also have friends with babies of similar age who have taken to weaning really well. 
I feel like I’ve done it all wrong and I’m failing to the point I don’t have motivation to make him food anymore. 

Please help me figure out what I’m doing wrong and how I can get him interested in food. 


  • cyancyan Regular
    edited Mar 13, 2021 9:56PM
    Hi, my baby is 7 months and exclusively breastfed up until 5.5 months old.
    My baby have a bottle of formula in the morning, at noon purée veg with meat and a bit of olive oil, and a small yogurt. For the afternoon snack a compote with a bottle of formula and in the evening a bottle of formula with cereals.

    Try to give a small bottle at lunchtime first (just enough to stop him feeling hungry) and then puree.  Because a baby who is too hungry and upset will refuse to eat his purée. As the days go by, decrease the bottle and increase the amount of puree.

    You have breastfed your baby for a long time and that is really brave. Don't compare yourself to the babies you see on social media, they didn't have the chance to breastfeed for as long.

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