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Anxious, preg after loss and lines not darker.



  • @TeeAli22 @SmithL35

    Its so lovely to be able to check in with you both. It’s always the worst when you speak to someone and then they disappear 🙈

    I think I will do the tests also with all the issues I’ve already had, will need it to keep me on track and reduce anxiety. 

    I’m there with you with the no symptoms. Every now and then I feel a bit sick. I literally can’t go in the shower/bathroom without gagging. But all good otherwise. 

    So by my LMP my date was 17th sept. On my first scan at 6 weeks-ish they said I was two days behind. 

    When I had a scan a few weeks later they said I was ahead and due date was 14th. And then I went last week and they said due date is now 11th. Guess I’ll wait and see what the nhs scan tells us. 🙈xx 
  • @NDG good luck for your scan today! Hope all is well and keep us posted! :) xx
  • Aww thank you @TeeAli22. Very sweet of you to be thinking of me. I’ve just got back now. The whole thing was like 30 secs. She wouldn’t even let me lift my head to see. Poor hubby was stood at the door and could hardly see. She said she was happy. Sent me off for my bloods and confirmed due date as 12th. 
    You have yours tomorrow right? Wishing you all the best. Will be thinking of you. Come back and let us know too xx 
  • @NDG ahh super glad it went well, even if it was a whirlwind of an appointment for you! Yes mine is tomorrow at 7pm!! Weird time but I'm hoping as it's later that I will be allowed more than 30 seconds! Ha! It's also the first time I will see anything so fingers crossed all is well and I'll be having my bloods done afterwards too! Will definitely keep you posted! :) xx
  • @TeeAli22 what a random time. Didn’t even know they are open at 7pm. Hope it goes well. Keep us posted. It will be magical xx 
  • Hi girls, oh this is so exciting with the scans :)
    @NDG glad she was pleased with yours xx
  • Morning @NDG and @SmithL35

    Well last night was just the best! I'm not sure what I expected but it was just so amazing and surreal. The sonographer was great as well ... with this being our first she literally explained everything and showed us pretty much every angle. She even got baby to move for a better picture!!! haha! All measurements were fab and due date is now the 11th Sept so one day earlier than I expected! Had my bloods done too so should have screening results next week but she said everything looked great! I want a scan every day now hahaha! Pic below is little one waving :) x

  • @TeeAli22 !!!  Argh this is amazing. Congratulations!!! I am so happy you had an amazing experience. And baby looks perfect. It sounds magical and you had a lovely person doing your scan. 
    Will you find out the sex when you can? Eek out due dates are close. I moved from 17th to 12th. This is exciting we going through each step almost exactly the same time xx 
  • @NDG thank you so much! :)  so lovely to have someone to go through it all with too! :) and no ... I'm going to try and keep it a surprise! That might change but currently I don't want to know ... as long as he/she remains healthy that's all that matters to me! Are you going to find out? xx
  • @TeeAli22 did they let hubby come in and not left by the door lol. 
    It defo is nice to experience it with someone. 
    Nope not finding out either. For now it’s going to be surprise (unless it gets too much at the next scan) x 
  • @NDG yes he came in and sat through the whole thing ... he asked questions too and the sonographer answered all of them. It's so weird how each hospital trust can be so different in their practice! 
    Yes I know what you mean come the next scan it all might change but for now a surprise seems the best way forward! And most exciting! xx
  • Yay congratulations on a fab scan @TeeAli22 :) ah amazing that your due dates are so close!! Xx
  • @SmithL35 thank you! :) xx
  • Morning Ladies! 
    Thought I would quickly update you ... my bloods came back last week and I have normal NT measurement but my Papp-a is low and hcg a little high so has put my baby's risk of Downs at 1/80. So I'm awaiting to hear from the hospital today for a date this week for CVS so I can get a definitive answer and make a decision either way! 
    Odds are still massively in our favour that baby won't have Downs, which is really comforting and chance of MC is really low. However, low Papp-a means I'll be taking aspirin every day regardless and from 28 weeks will be monitored and scanned every 3-4 weeks. Positive is I'll get to see baby grow more, which will be lovely! Will keep you both updated on the results from CVS :) xx
  • Thank you for the update @TeeAli22
    my bloods haven’t come back yet but I paid for the one that gets sent off so wonder if it takes longer...
    Did they ring you? What does it all mean? Sorry for the qus.
    Hopefully they get you in soon so that you have all the information you need. 
    Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and as you said bonus is seeing baby grow. I’ve seen women on groups with odds lower than that (or is it higher, I never understand but basically like 1/45 etc) and the cvs was clear. 
    I didn’t get an NT measurement as she didn’t do it, she said I can see it’s fine so no need to measure - really don’t think that’s good practice.
    keep us posted and hope it’s all booked in soon for you xx 

  • Ah bless you @TeeAli22 I bet you can't wait to get a definite answer, but that's good that you will monitored so often.....lots of scans to see little baby 😍 fingers crossed for good news xx

    Wow @NDG that sounds like bad practice for sure! You'd think they'd have to record it anyway 😣 xx
  • @NDG
    Thank both! I've read a lot online where the cvs has come back negative and with odds of Downs worse than mine so I'm fairly positive about the whole thing. And I get to see baby again this week! :) I just hope everything else runs smoothly! I had my bloods taken on Wednesday evening after my scan and they rang me Friday morning so I knew there was something not quite right! But it seems like they have everything under control and wanted to see me within 5 working days of the referral (which was done on Friday) hence why I should have the procedure this week!

    I got told if everything was okay with bloods I would get written confirmation in the post, which can take up to 10 working days so that might be why you haven't received your blood results @NDG - if so that should mean everything is normal! :)  but maybe chase them up towards the end of this week if you still haven't heard! xx
  • Hey @TeeAli22 just checking in. Hope your appointment came through x 
  • @NDG heyy! :) Yes I had the CVS done last Thursday morning ... just awaiting the results now! A small part of me hoped to have them on Friday but that was just wishful thinking! Hopefully I will hear today! :) will keep you posted and thank you for checking in :) xx
  • Morning ladies! FINALLY had my results back last night and confirmed baby definitely does not have Downs, Edwards or Patau, which is a huge relief! :) Also managed to avoid finding out the sex for now haha! Hope you are both well! xx
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