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Possible Miscarriage at 7 weeks ?? Please Help!

I was hoping to get some help!! I am 7 weeks going on 8. When I was 6 weeks I experienced very light spotting, I went to the hospital immediately and they told me they couldn't detect a pregnancy on the ultrasound but blood test show very high levels of pregnancy. I left work early today because I was in pain from gas and later on I saw bleeding after I wiped and in the toilet bowl. But immediately the bleeding and pain stopped. I'm not sure what is going on and I am very scared. Am I having a miscarriage??? This is my second pregnancy and I never experienced anything like this before.


  • Hey @yummymummy22_ so sorry you have to go through that all. My doctor told me that many women experience bleeding now and then in their pregnancy. I know it's so hard not to know what exactly is going on as it's too early to see anything in a scan. But you said it's two weeks ago right? Did you do another test again after that? 
  • Hey @Bundaberg I have an appointment with my local early pregnancy unit on Wednesday but I am afraid this may be a an ectopic pregnancy and it might become fatal before then. Although at the hospital they did say they see no signs of it but from past experience I know doctors don't always know best. I also believe I developed a UTI from holding in my urine too long at work. I do not have a doctor yet, so no one to consult to, this is all very confusing and scary.      
  • @Bundaberg I forgot to mention I did take another pregnancy test and it came positive.   
  • An ectopic pregnancy would hurt a lot and you'd bleed strongly. But if you fear that that might be the case then don't wait any longer and go see a doctor as soon as possible.
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