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So I was 4-5weeks pregnant and started spotting 3 days ago. Normal brown stuff that comes before period. Last night I finally started bleeding like a normal period and began passing what I think was the miscarriage. I had severe cramps - took motrin and had a heating pad on.  Cramps subsided and I felt calm and ok after  but does this look like a miscarriage passing naturally?  Father in law called and demanded I go to ER to get a D&C but I felt I don’t need to since I’m bleeding and clots are coming out.  now I just have anxiety .... advice??? r


  • I'm sorry that is happening to you. But really the only thing you can do right now is to do a pregnancy test to see if it still shows positive or if the line starts fading. Unfortunately chemical pregnancies are very common. It's just that many women don't even notice it if they don't test early.
  • I took a digital test and it said I’m not pregnant. Sounds like a chemical pregnancy and seems like my body is now expelling and having a period. :-( 
  • Did you have a positive test with a digital before?
  • I did have a positive on a digital test before. 

    Cramps are mild today and it feels more like period now. 
  • I'm so sorry it doesn't sound too promising tbh. Did you test again with a non digital one as they are more sensitive?
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