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todays sun is making me REALLY want....

.............WINE!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

I really really really fancy my fav wine. Hardys Sparlking Rose.... it would go down a treat!!!!

I did how ever have a feast lolly which was delicous!!!



  • where are u with the sun?! its really overcast and horrid here! lol.... send some sun my way! xx
  • Im in Croydon, Surrey!! It is HOT!! clear blue skys....

    ..............sending..................... did ya get it?x
  • Im in Guildford Surrey and its gorgeous here too!

    I feel like wine too but would settle for an ice-cream!
  • thanks girls now i NEED icecream will have to close for 5 mis to go to the shop but am looking forward to it hahahaha

  • I now want a drink and some sun. Im in northern ireland and as per usual it is grey outside :\(
  • linz82 i'm in southern ireland and know how u feel about the weather LOL

  • mmm i sat in Green Park at lunchtime and it was lovely sitting in the sun - also needed a glass of wine! x
  • It was like that on the east coast of yorkshire last weekend, all I wanted was a huge bowl of ice cream! Actually, now I think about it I could do some now!
  • Ummmm I miss rose sooooooooooooooo much, I love a glass yum yum
  • Try Eisberg alcohol free wine - they do it in white, red and rose -the rose is particularly lovely!!!
  • Ooh I like Eisberg!! Think I will get some of that this weekend!

    I was in London today- it was lovely! x
  • Ooo yeah, Ernest & Julio White Grenache for me. Really cold...mmmmm

    Def going to try that alcohol free wine MrsB - thanks!
  • Baby B that is one of my favourites, my mouth is watering and its only 10AM!!!!!!!!

    I have never tried Eisberg Mrs Buttons.... where can i get it from??

  • I love White Grenache too - especially with loads of ice in it!!!

    Eisberg is sold in Morrisons - it's about ??3 a bottle, so cheap - they sell all three varieties there in amongst the normal wine! Tesco also sell a fizzy chardonnay one which is nice, but the pink is the best!!!

    I think Asda also sell it - most of the supermarkets do, but you have to look carefully!

  • Thanks Hun!!!! My task today is to find it lol!!!

  • I tried the Rose Eisberg last night. Got it from Tesco.
    It was nice as something to drink but as usual with non alcoholic wines didn't actually taste like wine...! Didn't realise how much I like the alcohol taste!!!

  • HAHA me to baby b!!! it just wasnt the same as white grenache but a good fake none the less. I have the red and white to try still lol xx
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