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Too young for weaning??

My baby is almost 20 weeks and last 2-3 weeks he started notice food and last few days he tries to grab it. Today I was having my lunch and he grabbed cucumber and put straight in his mouth and was very angry and upset when I took it away. I was thinking to wait another 4-6.weeks but today make me think he is ready and want extra food,but he is small based on NHS guidance. When you started weaning your babies? And if it was earlier than around 6 month what was your clues to do it


  • The NHS guidelines are often changing, and i think for weaning you should be led by your baby - if he's paying attention, eyeing up your food, and seemed happy to suck the cucumber, maybe try it? You could always just take it slow, it doesn't have to be 3 meals a day right away, but just some cucumber sticks to suck on, fingers of toast,  that kinda stuff. Always monitored of course in case of choking, but i reckon give it a try. You can always stop if it doesn't go so well. 
  • Thank you for replying @Mrsg14. Think he is ready and I thought to try but not push. 
  • Hey @Sigsauer I gave my little boy food at 5 months. He was well ready for it! I just started off with bits of food for a few weeks. He was great.xx
  • Our health visitor told  he is too young 😠
  • I think letting your baby lead is the best way to do it. My oldest started weaning at 4.5 months and my youngest wasn’t interested at all til after 6 months which totally took me by surprise as I thought he’d want it sooner. I think they know when they’re ready so as long as you’re following the general guidelines I agree with @Mrsg14.
  • Two days ago we started and he absolutely loved it... He was so ready
  • I started weaning at 3 &1/2 months. Just started with very runny fruit and veg purées. Gradually making them thicker each week and now my baby is 5& 1/2 months and will eat banana, boiled carrots and broccoli as finger food. I could just tell she was ready, always watched me eat food, would try and grab food and was nearly sitting up. 
  • I also started weaning at around 3-4 months...

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