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How to get baby to stop clicking when bf?


My 5 week old baby clicks when she breastfeeds and it drives me nuts. She takes on lots of air when she does it which in turn gives her painful wind.

I stroke her top lip with my nipple to encourage her to open her mouth wide, but most of the time she only opens it a small amount, then invariably ends up on the nipple. 

I'm not sore, and she's definitely gaining weight, but the clicking isn't helping with her wind and it drives me nuts.

Please can anyone offer any experience - do they stop doing it as they get older and more experienced, or is she becoming a lazy feeder? I'm determined not to stop bf, so any help is appreciated please.

I will contact my local bf support group also.

Thank you! X


  • Sounds like it's a latch problem and she isn't getting a deep enough latch. Has she been checked for tongue tie and posterior tongue tie?
  • I know your not supposed to wait till the baby cries but sometimes u get a wider open mouth that way and u can easily get a deep latch. I hope that helps 
  • @MrsD90 the health visitor (who is also a lactation consultant) checked and said she hasn't got a tie because she stuck her tongue out quite far and it wasn't forked at all. I don't know what a posterior tie is. She's definitely not getting a deep enough latch, but I can't get her to take more breast in. I can take her off and re-position her 15 times in a feed and she still clicks. 😔

    @Mamacow she doesn't really cry, but when she has done I've whipped my boob in quickly and within 4 sucks she's clicking. 😫 x
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