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Tell Whirli your tips for little ways you can make Christmas more eco-friendly: £200 voucher prize



  • Buying second hand is one way to be more eco friendly. I also try to make sure I don’t buy anything that has a one time use and my kids have a wooden advent calendar that can be used every year.
  • I've always bought presents and Christmas decorations from charity shops or we make our own - we never had much money growing up so i am a wizz with paper chains and anything with a milk bottle top (old style). I re use wrapping paper and  if i don't know what to get someone (especially their children) i ask - it might actually be better to get a boring pair of tights and jumper than yet another toy that won't get played with ...... just have to make sure i am the fun friend in another way!
  • We will be making our own decorations using sustainable, eco-friendly or plastic-free materials.  Not only will they be eco-friendly but it will be lots of fun making them.
  • I hardly buy plastic toys and if I do I try to buy them second hand. I’ve stopped sending out Christmas cards even though I do buy a pack for my daughters class because she really enjoys giving them out.
  • We have been using cut outs from previous Christmas cards we kept and used them to make new Christmas cards and gift cards, This year for gifting we plan to buy reusable gifts like coffee cups and water bottles. We won't be using disposable trays, instead we will be using actual trays! 
    We are going Vegetarian this year too! 
    My top tip to become more eco friendly this Christmas is to try and not travel everywhere by car! Walking is fantastic for the planet and good for the mind! 
  • We save paper or gift bags so we can reuse them. We also buy second hand gifts for Christmas on eBay if able to find what we’re looking for. In addition we only buy one gift that they want, one they need one they wear and one they read. This cuts down over buying and ensures our child appreciates more. 
  • We have used last year's cards to make this year's gift tags, and are using brown paper for some of the presents, decorated with cuttings from the garden.   We're also making our own advent wreaths, both for us and as presents.  We have the frames from last year and have collected pine cones, greenery and holly, together with broken baubles to make something personal and without waste.
  • Switching from wrapping paper to gift bags is probably the easiest thing to do, and would have a huge impact.
  • This year I won't be buying foil type wrapping paper.  I discovered last Christmas it has to go to landfill, and cannot be recycled
  • Supporting ethical and local businesses for Christmas generally. I have made sure any wrapping I have bought has been recyclable and no glitter or ribbons used. I still like to receive Christmas cards but mine have come from the Woodland Trust this year and I am reusing last years for labels for presents. I have got material crackers and sourced eco friendly fillings for people too. The traditional little stockings are going to be seasonal socks with unwrapped gifts in. Sure I will come up with other eco friendly ideas over the next few weeks as I do the tasks - I will certainly be trying.
  • I re-use pretty gift boxes, and also wrapping paper from previously received gifts.  I save Christmas cards each year to recycle as gift tags.  We have a Christmas tree in the garden that we bring in each year.  We have also make our own Christmas tree decorations from recycled bits and pieces..
  • I buy toys from charity shops through the year - if the box is bashed you can take the toy out - and wrap them up in brown paper or map paper! 
  • I have a few little things I do for Christmas to make it better for the environment and slightly cheaper on the pocket!

    My daughter makes our Christmas cards that we give to family members only, she also makes a decoration every year for our tree instead of us buying one.

    I buy second hand toys from fb/ebay/charity shops throughout the year and save them up as her birthday is in January so money is definitely tight. 

    We also go for toys with longevity that we think she'll be into for a while instead of one hit wonders. So this year we've bought her yoto player as she absolutely adores stories and it can also used for her younger sibling. 

    I also buy from ethical independent retailers where possible and we reuse gift bags etc where possible. 
  • Turn your back on plastic toys and plastic packaging by asking relatives to buy your children experiences rather than gifts, e.g. ice skating or a trip to the cinema.
  • Make your own wrapping paper out of brown paper!
  • I’ve managed to find some crackers that have no plastic in this year and only use wrapping I can recycle. We try to buy some things second hand and make some gifts too. 
  • Each year we re-use lots of our decorations, in fact some are from when my husband and I were children as well as eco friendly it brings us joy to see them on the tree every year.  We also have fabric tablecloths and napkins that are washed and re-used.  I also still meal plan for over the Christmas period, therefore ensuring less waste with plans for the leftovers.
  • We arent doing Christmas cards this year to save on the paper instead we are doing ecards and donating the money to charity so its eco friendly and we get to help a good cause
  • I always save and re-use Christmas wrapping paper.  I have some sheets that have been used over and over again for 20 years!

  • As my child is only one I am only wrapping one or two presents so she gets the experience of un wrapping without all the wasted wrapping paper. I also purchased a lot of wooden toys as they last longer 
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