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I’m 18 weeks pregnant and I’m having extreme low mood. My first trimester was horrible and I was always crying and down but I thought I was doing well until recently it’s started again! 
Everything just seems overwhelming 


  • Please do seek help from your midwife. You can talk about your worries and all of your feelings. I had ppd and i cant explain how significant and helpful counselling was for me. If you want to pm me feel free to. Im also 28 and have a two yr old :) x
  • Whenever I go to my midwife appointments I feel embarrassed talking about it and feel like I cry being pregnant and I feel guilty that I’m really ungrateful when in fact it isn’t the baby or being pregnant it’s just I can’t control my emotions and feel really down all the time. 
  • I totally understand. Its entirely your hormones and you just need a space to share it all and be heard.. nothing to be embarrassed of, you go for it. Its only where you talk to the counsellor thats all and it will probably be remote anyway on the phone so even better in your case. Your midwife will be very supportive in referring you, please take this step for yourself 💕
  •  <3 yes every-time I am ready and I want to tell the midwife but then feel embarrassed when I go for my appointment feeling that I’d be judged.  But you are right I need a safe place to be heard. It just feels like I’m stuck in my head, I feel low and depressed with no interest in doing anything. I hate that I get tired all the time and I hate Iv spent so much of my time in A and E for UTI’s. I just cry a lot and want to be normal for my baby xx
  • You are normal, its the most expected sign of pregnancy- hormones! 
    I can hear your anxiousness for your baby, wanting to be good enough. We only do our best my lovely and you worrying for your baby even now shows what a caring mum you will be and thats more than good enough.I’m a counsellor myself thats why i know how helpful it can be for people, honestly you're not going to see that particular midwife for the rest of your life, ask for the help and share how you feel. You and baby deserve it :)
  • Yes counselling would be great- a safe place to talk about my feelings but Iv just held back from the fear of being judged or the fear that my child will be taken from me for feeling this way- anxiety and battling anxiety for a lifetime has made pregnancy so much harder 😢 do I need to wait for my routine appointment or can I ask for help by calling the midwife helpline? It’s my first pregnancy so all new to me. 
  • I’d suggest you just contact her now, best to seek help just when you need it rather than waiting. Dont hesitate or try putting yourself off it please.. youre going to feel better believe me, its hormones and thats why everything feels sooo much more intense than how  they really are. They wont take your baby away dont even worry about that lovely, youre already a loving mum and taking a child away is only if you were a serious harm to your baby which just isnt the case. You only want to cope with your anxiety now so that you can take well care of yourself and your baby once he/she arrives :). I dont mind talking if you need any advice along your journey or simply some support x
  • I’m a teacher and you just don’t want to feel like you will be a rubbish mother. I’m super excited to meet my little one and I feel guilty everytime I feel a kick or a movement thinking how amazing is that there is life inside of me but I’m just really down all the time, it is affecting my mood around my husband and I feeel like I just want to be happy again and enjoy what I used to enjoy prior to pregnancy. Any support would be largely appreciated :)

  • I hear you! Its that fear of feeling like you wont be good enough, i think its natural to feel this way. You just already care so much for your baby thats all. Ofcourse you want to feel ‘normal’ and happier though in your everyday life and perhaps enjoy your pregnancy more and this is the reason why i believe you can seek counselling and hopefully it helps you along your journey. 
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