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We CAN eat nuts

Three seperate sources all confirming the same thing!!

I know some people don't believe a word the Daily Mail says but that article goes into the most detail and points out how in China where peanuts are in almost everything, so make up a large part of peoples diets, there is no advice telling pregnant women not to eat nuts and they have almost no cases of peanut allergies.

I know nuts are something a lot of people worry about, obviously if you or your OH has an allergy then its worth asking your GP for advice but in general there appears to be reason otherwise for people to avoid them.

Miss I


  • I've eaten them throughout my pregnancy to date - my GP was quite clear in that it's ok, except if allergy within immediate family - reassuring to see these articles though

    Thanks for sharing xx
  • You're right, our NCT lady showed us the latest advice from the NHS that says it is OK for all pregnant ladies to eat nuts, even if there is a history of allergies - they changed it in August I think.
  • Thats good Miss Impatient cause I scoffed a bag of chocolate covered brazil nuts last night!!!! Staying away from peanuts though but bring on the cashews, almonds, hazels etc
  • I have been having peanut butter on toast nearly every morning throughout my pregnancy, my midwife says it fine unless you have any history of allergies in your family! I love nuts!!!!
  • Me too. I've been eating nuts (peanut butter in particular!) the same as I was before I was pregnant x
  • i couldn't get enough of peanut butter on toast during the first 12 weeks, it really helped with the sickness!
  • I avoided them for the first five months of pregnancy and then the bbc did an article online about how pregnant ladies are ok to eat them again.... I went and bought the biggest bag of dry roasted and scoffed them :lol:
  • Bring on the extra smooth peanut butter I say!!
  • I've been eating peanuts anyway in defiance of da rulez! I am a naughty, naughty girl.....
  • You have just reminded me I haven't have peanut butter for ages and I want it ......NOW! x
  • I cant enough of peanut butter on toast, I also lived on it when pregnant with my daughter, yum yum might have some now xx
  • Peanut butter with jam butty is my saviour at the moment to stop my nausea progressing into full-scale 'head down the loo' - I'm even contemplating adding a banana to it - is this too wrong??
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