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are any over the counter remedies for constipation safe in pregnancy? All the stuff i've read says to get something from the doc but that will mean a third appointment in 3 weeks and my midwife is the most unhelpful patronising woman i've ever met. Sorry to tmi but its getting quite bad now to the point where i'm putting off going to the loo and obviously thats not helping the situation.

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  • I think Fibogel might be ok, but I usually just work my way through a bag of clementines and that seems to do the trick! You need to up your fibre intake and fruit/veg is the best way to do it. Fresh figs are another nice way to do it - and easy enough to eat with a blob of yoghurt or whatever...
  • loads of fruit also works for me... Also if you eat a lot of something like suger free mints / or other sweets they can have a laxative effect!
  • Aww bless its awful isnt it i had it bad with my lo, i found warm prune juice was quite effective, also plenty of fibre weetabix, bran flakes etc.. dried fruits too, but your mw can give you some lactalose, hope it gets better xx
  • The pharmacist will be able to tell you whether they can sell you anything over the counter that is safe to take - but if you do get a prescription from your doc remember you won't have to pay for it!
  • Oranges are a great way to ease constipation, I found eating two or three a day helped loads. Dried prunes also help. xx
  • g/c from baby

    as sunflower81 says, the pharmacist will be able to telll u what is and is not suitable during pregnancy, so u don't need to see ur gp, but if u've recieved ur mat exemption certificate then a prescription wld be free....also, never worry about seeing the doc/lw too much, it's their job, ur not wasting their time, they're paid to help u...

    bananas are a great way to balance out ur 'movements' (lol), if ur constipated they can help start things and if ur too loose they can help to slow it down, now thats one clever fruit. a small glass of prune juice or one or two dried prunes should help provide u some relief too

    hth xx
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