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misscarried and now im pregnant and scared...

well im 26 and pregnant on my 3rd child its been 5 years since my last child was born and during this time ive had 4 misscarragies and now im pregnant and just cant except im pregnant im scared if i do im going to loose this baby my blood presure is higher than it should me its not helping that i cant eat and am loosing a lot of weight i have tried relaxing and following gentle excercise notthings working plus im trying to keep my house clean and look after my 5 and 7 year old children my husband works although hes fantastic and really supportive im still scared..can anyone help me through this.


  • Poor you! Lost 2 myself last year and am expecting again now. I know it's really hard but the only thing you can do is try and keep calm and look after yourself the best you can. Believe me I know how difficult that is, we were barely on speaking terms some days especially as we got to the same stage as the last times and stressed over everything. I found that my friends were great and let me go round and rant at them when I needed and just listened to me which helped me get things off my chest and into some perspective. The bounty site has a section for anyone who's lost any and is now pregnant and everyone seems very reassuring on it (, helped me just to let off steam to people who'd been/are going through the same emotions as me. Good luck, will be thinking of you xx
  • Hi, So sorry to hear about your previous losses. I know how you feel, I have had previous miscarriages, but I am now 36 weeks pregnant with my first. It's impossible for me to tell you to relax, cause I know you wont be able to not matter how much you want to. Take each day as it comes, try as much as you can to relax. How many weeks are you now?
    I agree with what has been said and try to let off as much steam as you can, chat rooms are a great idea, if you can't get online then I found writing what I was feeling down a huge help. Take care, good luck and let us know how you are doing. xx
  • listen to me.miscarriage is an awful thing it happened to me,it was one of the worse times in my life.but you cannot let it come between you and this new baby i went on and had a beautiful baby girl called ruby and she is a gem i am pregnant again and am now 24 weeks and proper chuffed.dont dwell on the past look to the future all will be well.think positive.....;\)
  • Hi Gail, im sorry to hear about your previous misscariages, it must have been awful for you. I dont think theres anything that anyone can say or do to make you feel more relaxed about this pregnancy. Talking about it with friends, family and on internet might be a release. Do you think you will be more relaxed when you reach a certain stage in pregnancy? You could hire a doppler to listen to babys heart but you wont be able to hear heart until after 10 wks. I hope all goes well for you, im sure it will, love and best wishes Debbie x
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