Midwife Hell

Does anyone know whether it is possible to change midwife without causing a major backlash for myself. This is my first pregnancy and so far my midwfie has been not been the easeiest person to talk to. She has not once asked me during my visits how Im feeling or how things have been going, its just down to business and off you go. I feel that when I do ask her questions Im being a nusance. She has even tried to talk me out of going to the hospital of my choice saying that it would create a great deal of extra paper wrok for her. Ive not found out that it took over a month for her to requst a place for me at said hospital and now they cannot take me as they are full. Im worried that if I complain Im still stuck with her, it will only make matters worse. With 11 weeks to go Im getting more and more anxious and stressed about the birth as Im booked into a hospital that I dont want to be in and have a midwife that I feel extremely uncomfortable with.... what do I do???


  • It is your right to request a different mw hun, at any time in ur pregnancy, if you feel you need to.

    good luck x
  • you can request a different midwife at any time, even during the birth hunni xxx
  • How does it work if there is only one midwife attached to my doctors surgery?
  • i feelfor you as my midwife was lovely . i dont know how it works if there is only one midwife at your doctors, but my midwife was what they call a community midwife and doesnt work in a hospital any more. sometimes community midwifes deliver babies in birthing centres and home deliveries but not in nhs hospitals. when i had my little girl few weeks ago i must of seen 20 different midwives in the 5 days i was in there so i wouldnt necessarily worry about her delivering your baby.
  • Thanks for the info guys, I guess Ill just have to hang in there, it sure doesnt make the last leg any easier though.
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