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major headaches pls help!

Hi i have joined this site for some help as im getting really down, this is my 3rd pregnancy, none have felt this bad, im 17 weeks on sunday, and im having major headaches most days other days full blown migraines, not even making it out of bed. The doctor keeps telling me theres nothing they can do apart from prescrible co codomal, which doesnt get rid of the pain, makes me constipated, and knocks me out which is not good when im trying to look after 2 other children. My partner has had to take days off work and were struggling to pay the mortgage. Most days the headaches bad but bearable, 3 or so days a week its so bad. The doctor said it will get better when you reach 14 or 15 weeks so will your sickness. The sickness is loads better but heads getting worse by the day. I was worried about pre eclampsia but believe im way to early for that? Also i had mild headaches with my 1st son, i have 2 sons so hoping maybe if this is a girl its why im having more differnet sever symptoms? Has anyone else experinced this pls, would be very grateful for advice?


  • Hi, has the doctor checked your blood pressure? Could be a sign of high blood pressure?

    Sorry I can't suggest anything other than making sure you are drinking plenty of water as being dehydrated can also cause bad headaches.
  • Hi yes im drinking plenty, ended up in a&e last week as i couldnt even see, and my blood pressure was 125/ something which they said is fine, but thats high for me as ive always suffered from low blood pressure, never been over 95/60 think is my normal, so thats high for me but they wouldnt have it as they said its normal? plus i do think its to do with my blood pressure as when i stand up quick it feels like ive been smashed over the head, it throbs.
  • I suffered from horrendous migraines around 16 weeks and have had migraines and headaches on and off since (now 40+3).

    I was seen by the consultant who said that around 16-20 weeks migraines are common because of another fluctuation in hormones. She said if they had not resolved by 20 weeks I would be seen again but they settled down.

    I also have low blood pressure and severe nausea and vomiting and one of my issues has been they drinking made nausea worse but not drinking soo much brought on headaches/migraines due to dehydration - it has been a balancing act.

    If they donlt improve go to GP again and asked to be referred to a specialist

  • Hi
    I sympathise so much, I was the same right through from when I found out I was pregnant till about 22 weeks. They absolutely debilitated me but nothing would lift them and all I could do was lie in a dark room and wait for them to go away.
    I did have concerns that dehydration and stress contributed, the counter effect being I can't face fluids when ill, and the stress of worrying about them brought them on! Apparently the headaches are purely due to hormonal changes in your body. Yet another of the many joys of pregnancy. You are to early for preeclampsia ( I called the a&e unit about the same stage as you cos mine were so bad but nothing they could do).

    All I can say is try not to stress about it, try to sleep, maybe get an ice pack for your forehead, focus on you - do you have other family who can help with child care? It's not great advice, I know.
    The good news, I am now 31+5 and they have been better for about the last 6-8 weeks.

    Good luck and take care
  • I suffer from migraines and headaches too and they have only got worse during pregnancy.
    Try using these headache strips as they are safe for use in pregnancy. I won't lie to you, they don't make it go away but they do take your mind off it. Also try a trip to Holland and barrat and see if there is anything herbal that is safe to take and might take the edge of the pain. S x
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