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dentists advice needed please

Hi everyone just a quick question i av been suffering since saturday with a bad tooth (my filling came out on sat night) anyway i went to emergency dentist and they put a tempery filling in n told me to keep taking paracetamols i eventually got a appointment yesterday and i was wanting my tooth out but he decided that he would try me on antibiotics 1st anyway i av had no sleep for nearly a wk not eaten owt for 4days just odd sip of soup i dont no wot to do.
Sorry for the rant but i dont think my partner is best impressed with me being in pain,
i just wonded if it is possible for my tooth to be taken out and how they did it cos i aint ad one out b4!! and am really begining to panick now..
Sorry it was long but i av no one else to talk to....
Adele xxx

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  • Hi Adele I have had a tooth out a few years ago and it was relativley (sp) painless and easy. Bascially they numb the area with an injection (to me this was the worse bit) then pull it out. They its just a case of waiting for it to heal. They will give you antibiotics incase it become infected too, but mine didn't, just make sure you bruch well and rinse. Think its time you got back on to the denist and made another appointment! Hope it goes well. Tammi xxx
    30.5 weeks
  • it is possible you must tell them your pregnant though so they can use the correct anesthetic. they numb the area with a needle at the back of your mouth on the side the tooth is on ( they inject a few times around the area but it doesnt hurt at all) they will give it 10/20 mins to take effect then they will pull it using a pair of surgical plyers. if its abit stubborn they will wiggle the tooth around abit. you will feel a strong puling sensation but no pain. it will bleed for a couple of days after and the dentist will give you instructions about how to take care of it, what you can take for the pain. what you can drink afterwards etc. ive lost 3 teeth with 3 pregnancies. my latest i had out in december after i bit it awkwardly and it split.
  • Hi there,
    Thanks for your replys i av ended up ringing dentist again but they said i will av to wait for a couple of days and to then get bk in touch so i rang my mf n docs who is prescribing sum stronger painkillers.
    Lets just hope that these work cos i really carnt b doing with another sleepness night lol i want my sleep b4 lo comes lol
    it just feels like i keep banging me head against a brick wall..
    Thnks again
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