Colour of my hands and feet

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This is going to sound like a really odd question/statement but my feet and hands have kinda changed colour lol. It's under the skin but the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet are red/purple with white blotches, my feet are a little swollen but my hands aren't, could this just be to do with the heat today? as my feet have never swollen before or could it be cos I have put on nearly 4 stone?

Any suggestions?



  • HI Caz, I have noticed that my feet have gone that way too and are quiet swollen, my hands are swollen too but haven't changed colour! Weird! May be the heat if your worried though speak to your mw. I know mine said it was nothing to worry about as long as it went down everynight. Tammi xxx
  • hiya, thought it was just me who was rainbow coloured. my feet are the same its something to do with circulation and dehydration. try drinknig something lovely and cool and putting your feet up for 5 mins. xxx
  • My hands are red with white blotches and a little puffy! They seem to do this when I'm warm-sometimes if they are really hot then holding cold things can really hurt!!

  • Thanks for your help ladies image
    I was a bit worried I was coming down with leprosi (ha ha!) they went down last night but have come up again this morning, probably cos it's nearly 30 degrees in the office so think I will put my feet up and go on strike image
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