Anyone else gettin breathless easily?

I'm not really doing anything to get breathless about - it seems to come reandomly, even when i'm just sitting, or lying in bed. I know you're meant to get this when the baby is big, but I'm only 24 weeks :?
I'm also feeling really really tired a lot of the time - am I meant to be blooming at this point??!!!


  • hiya, i think i was prob feeling breathless quite early on. although lo may not be that big, your growing uterus puts pressure on other organs which can push upwards. also causes ribs to move. i have been really breathless even when doing nothing but has eased off now lo is starting to engage. I have also been really tired on and off whole time, i think bout 20 weeks i had to start having lie down in the afternoons again and now i spend most of the day sleeping!
    if your breathlessness gets really bad (struggling to breathe) do get it checked out
    Claudia 36wks xxxx
  • hi i'm 21 weeks and have felt quite breathless throughout even when i'm not really doing anything. i tried to keep exercising but apart from the usual, feeling absolutely knackered for the first 12 weeks, i've found i just can't do much without feeling short of breath and weazy so have given up trying. my blood pressure is fine and am taking supplements and eating healthy so i think its just part of being pregnant, do as i do and use it as an excuse to chill out and if you're really worried get it checked out x x
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