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Sore belly button?

I'm 37 weeks today and for the last couple of weeks by belly button has flattened and is now starting to turn out. The bit that sticks out is really tender and hurts to touch. Has anyone else had this? it's really sore if i accidentally knock it or even if my husband brushes his hand across it?


  • Yeah mine feel like is bruised!? strange...
  • glad it's not just me, must just be another one of those things!
  • ive got a really sensitive button and a *blushes* smelly one. i do clean it but if i use soap it itches and burns for days and goes all dry and crusty. this isnt a pregnancy thing its always been that way hehe. the only thing different is that when im pregnant i can see right inside and ive got a big mole in there.
  • I have this and I am not pregnant. I sometimes just run a cotton bud round it with tcp although it stings like hell. At least you have a valid excuse!!!
  • yeah mines like that, really sore! Its just about popped now.
  • Hi,

    I read yesterday that you can put a plaster or bandage over it, to protect it from knocks. Does anyone know whether it will return to an 'innie' after the birth? I prefer my 'innie' to the 'outies'.!?
  • No worries there Julie it will return to normal after birth honey x

    Mine is vile! roll on post baby button.
  • Mine has gone flat too but not turned out yet, hoping it dosn't, but it is really sore and tight! Tammi xxx
  • Yeah mine belly button is flat now but there is like a little bit that sticks out which is quite tender. I just put it down to the fact that, that bit of skin is normall tucked safely away and sensitive coz its not used to been exposed. Kerry xxx

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