how big is a show?

Hello its me again i posted last night because i thought i had had a show!!!
Ive just had some more snot like jelly (sorry tmi) abit more than i had last night and was just wondering how big it was suppost to be?! I havent had any blood in it and it is a creamy clear colour!!!

Please can anyone help?!


  • thnx SB ive googled it but im not goos at looking up info im very impatient and cannot be bothered to read loads of info!!! Hope you are getting along ok not long for you now aswell!!
  • hi there is a lot of mucus when it is a show but it can come out in stages , when i had jack i was exited cos i had a show and it was mucusy and jelly like , i was in early labour but as more came out i realised how much there was i actually felt like my waters had gone but it was a show , sounds like a good sign hun xx
  • In my NCT antenatal class she said it would be about a teaspoon of yellowy/greeny mucus, sometimes streaked with browny blood and not foul smelling. If you get any red blood phone the labour ward.

    How far gone are you hun?
  • Thanx for the replies. i am 38 +5 so not long to go anyway!!!
    im trying not to get too excited as i dont think anything is going to happen yet as all the pains i had yesterday have gone now!!!
  • my show came all at once and was about the size of a golf ball!! it was yellowy and streaked with blood and it didnt smell too good either *sorry tmi* it was very jelly was generally disgusting anyway :lol: hope things are moving for you!! x
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