Am I being silly over nothing?

Just a quick one and this probably will sound totally stupid but Im looking at my 12 week scan pic and compared to a lot of others my baby looks huge! Everyone elses uterus and babies in the pics look tiny in comparison!! Do you think this means im having a massive baby!? Or could it just be that my pics are close ups?



  • i reckon it was just the way the picture was taken. did they mention anything about the size of the baby at the scan, did they say it was large? if not i would not worry.
  • I don't think the baby looks massive, but its certainly a very good picture for a 12 week scan. Mine just looked like a little blob.

    My 20 week scan makes the baby look huge but i know the sonographer zoomed in a bit more as it got clearer the closer he got.

    Its a great pic though hun!

  • depends on the scanner, how far they zoomed in etc. my 12 week scan pic the baby looks big but thats because i was on the consultnats high def scanner as aposed to my 11 week scan which the baby looked like a hamster,

    dont worry, if there was anything wrong then they would have said something.
  • It's almost certainly that the pic is just closer up or at a slightly different angle hun. I'm sure your baby is just perfect in every way.
    Love Sapphire
  • Ahh thanks girls what would I do without you to reassure me!


  • Hey LH86 - it'll just be how zoomed in it is, or something. They go entirely on baby's measurements to date the pregnancy, so if your baby was huge they would have said you were much further on than you actually are (assuming you agree with how many weeks they said you were...?)
  • and i forgot to say it is a gorgeous picture!! xxx
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