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Low Blood Pressure... :\?

Hey Girls,

Well my little one cried to get up this morning, so I got up like I do every morning but as I stood my legs wouldn't work & I fell over (in my bedroom not in the snow! :roll: ) I hit my back and grazed my knee.. took me a while to feel alright to get up again, much to my OH's dispair.. Then we were making a snow man in our front garden (:lol: so all our hard work could be seen!) well I bent over to pick up some more snow and nearly toppled over! I feel quite shakey and not that stable on my feet.. last time I was pregnant my blood pressure was a bit low.. but not this early (well pressuming i'm early :lol: don't acctually know how far along I am!) but feels really quite low this time - & I feel a bit untrustful of myself that I won't faint/drop again..

I am not sure what to do? :\?

Please give me some lovely advice! xx

p.s I lost a lot of blood in my last birth and had to have a transfusion - but that was 6 months ago - so i'm pressuming my body has made that blood up again!?


  • Hi hun, congrats on your pregnancy! I was the same this time, my blood pressure is normally low but during the first 12 weeks it got really low and my midwife was concerned. May be worth a trip to see your GP to get it checked and see how low it is. Other than that try and make sure you are eating little and often, and drinking plenty. It could be your iron levels are a bit low too as this was another problem I had so I took extra iron supplements on top of the pregnacare I was taking.

    Take it easy anyway, will you get a scan soon to work out your dates? Hope you are further on than you think, would be fab to miss out on the first 12 weeks of worry!

    Liz xx
  • well the doctor said he will refer me for an 'emergency dating scan' but it could be a few weeks before I hear anything - to be honest I'm not climbing the walls not knowing or anything, quite calm actually, I do know from my last tho anything before 12 weeks the hospital are bit blaz'e and anything after they are extra careful about.. I don't think I can be anything more than two months at the most! x
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