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Hearing babys heartbeat

I bought an angel sounds dopler and it came today! I am only 9 + 4 but I swear I found the heart beat,

When I moved the doppler to to the left and right side I could hear a swooshing sound, I then spent ages searching and then just above my pubic bone kind of in the middle there was very fast beating, you cold also hear the swooshing sound in the back ground. Do you think it was the heart beat, I have read that it is meant to sound like a horse but this was more like a very fast train if that makes sense!


  • Sounds like that was it hun. V exciting!

    Ours always sounds like a fast train too. Only once it was louder and sounded like a galloping horse. I have an anterior placenta so I think that might muffle the sound a bit.

  • I went on to you tube and there were some examples there and they sounded the same, it definately wasn't mine, if it was I am in trouble as it was very fast!

  • It sounds like it- although really early- wow!! My baby sounds like horses but you can hear the placenta swooshing along in the background too

    Maybe your baby is quite near the surface of your tummy!

    21+5 x
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