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constantly hungary?!

i dont remember being this hungry the first time i was pregnant!!!! as soon as the sickness finally dissapeared, bang, my stomache is a bottomless pitt!!! oh no!! please dpnt say im going to pile on loads of weight this time!! anyone else eating constantly?


  • Hi Carlie, Oh yes I am deffinantly eating for two!!!!! I feel like such a pig. When I am not pregnant all I eat is healthy foods, Fruit, salad for dinner every night etc etc. Everytime I am pregnant (I am now pregnant with no 3) I eat junk!! I could live on hot puds and custard, which normally I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. I have no idea why, it is really strange. Anyone got the answer? Karynx
  • Nope, but I am just the same! The only problem is I can't fit as much as I want in now I am 36 weeks!
  • im the same, normally only like healthy food, then when i get pregnant (second child) i eat loads of jusk food for the first few months and i dont usually like it!! mad! although im back to my healthy foods again now,and my sickness has passed also!! weird.
    ahh suzaie!! i cant wait for that bit!! although i remember the feeling, and having to eat little and often cause of the heartburn!! i got that real bad last time and hated it,also got sickness back! hopeing for different this time!! am i likely to get the same again anyone?? karyn?? cheers xx
  • I am feeling the same, all I want to do is eat all the time, I finish a meal and am hungry 10 mintues later! I try and eat fruit but that does nothing for me!! I have have 8 weeks to go and am sure I will be the size of a house when giving birth!!! I know I will regret it when I am trying to loose the weight after! Jo x x
  • lol, you never know, you munght be lucky!! we can all hope we are lol either way youll be smaller after lol i just hope by the time i have had my baby my apetite has calmed down, as i quite smoking so the chances are im going to keep piling the weight on anyway if im not careful!! i have been trying to munch on grapes n peanuts n things, but there isnt always healthy stuff in cuboards!! come mid week ive eaten all good stuff and moved back onto crisps n junk!!!!!!!
  • Hi again Carlie, how far gone are you? I didn't get the heart burn or the sickness at the end of my previous two, so no idea. hope you don't. Karyn x
  • Glad to hear so many of you are constantly hungry too. some days i can't stop snacking. i have eaten loads today and it was all healthy stuff - makes a change! eaten about 10 of my 5 a day today!!
    Glad i have an excuse, eating for two.
  • having posted earlier feeling all virtuous about eating healthy, i am now halfway through a big bar of choc, well i am on my own and have been good all day!!image
  • I'm hungry too...but at 32 weeks and having a large ape like monkey, there doesn't seem to be the room in my tum anymore :cry: I'm also a bit oerturbed at the craving for curries I have at the moment, hoping it doesn't bring me on too early! xxxx
  • nearly 11 weeks,cheers clairelindley chocolate is my main naughty thing, but i have other reasons im supposed to avoid it (migraines) but i still cant resist!! hey squirleyfaerie im loving curries too,already! but im trying to avoid them now,til the end as they upset my tummy!!!!! i miss tikka masala the most!! oh, and really miss my weekly prawn cocktail!!!!!!
  • im all for fruit at the min, well mainly red grapes!! that and steak, sirloin only!!! could eat it every day!!!
  • im all for fruit at the min, well mainly red grapes!! that and steak, sirloin only!!! could eat it every day!!!
  • i'm finding it increasingly difficult to eat much at the moment cos of the joy of heartburn, also - found out at midwife I put on 40kg since I got pregnant!!!! image so I'm TRYING not to eat much junk, even though it tastes so damn good and it's so easy to just pick up a sandwich from the shops rather than make a meal...keep on the fruit can do it! image xxxx
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