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Morning everyone, was just wondering if anyone experience horrible dreams in early pregnancy?
I never remember my dreams, but since got pg, remember more.
Last night was awful though, they woke me up feeling angry and sad... My husband was cheating on me in my dream, and I was so angry and upset. When I eventually got back off to sleep, would you believe it, I continued on my dream!! Arghhh.. I even allowed him to see her, and I went with him. Stupid or what! I woke up again, but was hitting out at hubby for real lol. I had been hitting him and the other woman in the dream, and it felt so real when I woke up.
Just wondered if anyone else been having wierd dreams.
caz xx


  • Morning,

    all the time. Mostly I don't remember the full the content just that I have been dreaming and that it was very strange, lol.

    Jen x
  • I've had freaky dreams all the way through. I dreamt last night I had a 4 ft 11 baby and the only thing I could get to fit him was a red velour jumpsuit. GOd, it was awful. I think its because I've got a midwife appointment today and last time she said she thinks the baby is quite long - I could just be a mentalcase.
  • I've had loads of weird dreams, a lot of them about sex actually, and scarily graphic!
    Although lots of horrible ones too, dreams about my husband dying, or losing the baby - they seem so real at the time it takes me a while after i wake up to realise that it was just a dream.
    hormones eh?!
  • I used to dream about giving birth to a cat!!!
  • These dreams all seem really strange!
    I've only had them from about half way through (now 37+1) I keep dreaming that I put the baby down and I either can find or I forget him/her.
    I also dreamt that I was a teenage Mum and all my friends (teenagers too) were smoking around the baby. I was really upset with them and then and when I looked in the pram baby has really big eyes. Weird!
  • oh gosh yes all sorts of weird crazy things are happening in my dreams - nothing horrid really all vaguely amusing when I wake up at the moment - hope it stays that way!
  • Hi
    I have had strange/horrible dreams since just before i found out i was pregnant which is one reason i thought i could be pregnant,strange i know but i was getting a bit obsessive! My dreams mainly consisted off me losing the baby or someone trying to kill or attack me whilst pregnant.I also had a dream that i had the baby and it looked just like me when i was a baby.Strange,but not as strange as some of your dreams i just read!

    charlie x 11+6
  • hi i have strange/bad dreams all the time, they seem so real aswell, they are normally about my hubby cheating on me or about my 2 yr old daughter getting hurt or sumthing nasty happening to the baby, sumtimes they even make me wake up crying, really horrible they are x
  • A few nights ago I dreamt I bought my lo a baby goat (there is a little grey one at our local open far that my daughter absolutly adores!!!) & was so worried that she wouldnt like it coz it was white that I woke up crying!!
    I also managed to waken my husband & he was so concerned as to what was wrong coz I was insuch a state I was too embarrassed to tell him the truth!!


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