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When did your preganncy finally hit you?

Hi all,

Well, I am now 17weeks and 3 days, had a scan at 9 weeks and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time last Friday and it still hasn't hit either myself or my husband that we are having a baby!

How far along were you before you realised this was happening?

I hope it's before I go into labour!



  • Hi Taryn,

    I don't think it hit either me or hubby until my body started to change I'm 21+1 now and its starting to sink in but not fully. I don't think it will completely feel real until I go into labour ha ha!

  • Im 19+2, it started sinking in when we told everyone at around 15 weeks, but we still really cant beleive it!I dont think its really going to sink in properly until baby is here!Lol!
  • I am 16 weeks and 3 days and showed very early and had ALL the systoms badly so hit me very early hit my other half at the first scan! lol when he could really see it with his own eyes! xx
  • it wont hit me till im in labour. im 28 weeks 5 days lol
  • Hi mrsgf,
    In my last pregnancy it didnt hit me til i was seeing my mw regularly at 39wks, im 20wks at the moment and again i dnt really feel very pregnant. I have this huge bump and have felt movements for ages, but it hasnt actually sunk in that im pregnant. Oh well itll soon sink in wen those sleepless nights start all over again, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • I'm the same, I think now & again 'oh my word i'm having a baby' or 'argh that's my baby moving' but it still hasn't fully hit me that in about 7 weeks i'm going to be a mummy & i'm going to have a baby that's my very own no handing back at the end of the day- frightening!
    Lots of people I have spoken to though have all said this is pretty normal & it's usually a few hours after the birth you look at your LO & then it hits you.
    Excitement is getting me now though big style!!!
    Lauren (33wks) xoxox
  • i don't think it will hit me until i am in labour too xx
  • Hi - I'm 28 weeks and it definitely hasn't hit me yet. I can't even take in that I won't be at work after end of March! I am really, really excited but I still can't believe there will be a LO in the spare bedroom in a few months!
  • It hit me and my partner at our 12 wk scan but sometimes wen lm sitting it hits me 'omg lm havin a baby'lol image xx
  • I'm now 25+5 and it still hasn't hit. I think once we moved house. And I get the nursery ready And I'm on maternity leave it might feel real. My parents live in south africa and they sent a huge box of baby stuf to me. Its starting to sink in now.
  • Finding out today that am having a boy it has now hit me round the head like a tonne of bricks!

    Seeing all the details on the scan has made it really real and I am now feeling extremely emotional!!!!
    Love Lee
  • Hi girls,

    Well, I was due yesterday & it still all seems very surreal sometimes!! Even as I had a sweep yesterday & the MW told me she was touching his head, it all still feels like a bit of a dream!

    I'm not sure it's really going to hit me (especially as a first time mum) until I'm holding my little man in my arms...which hopefully won't be long now!! x

  • it hasnt hit me yet in 27 weeks today i think it will hit me when im in labour
  • Hi, I'm only 13 weeks tomorrow (this is my second) so it hasn't really hit me yet, but with my first baby it really didn't hit me fully til I held Abigail in my arms. I felt like I was prepared for everything and I knew what was happening and everything, she kicked for England when she was in my tum, but when it really came down to it it just wasn't real til I gave birth, and I know it sounds ridiculous but after a long labour and loads of drugs! when she was finally born I think I said something like "oh my god, it's a baby"! - it was the best moment of my life I must add! x
  • Hi

    I am 21+4 and it hasn't really hot me either!!! This is my first, so dont know what to feel!! ( apart from elated!!! )
    Despite seeing the scans, hearing the heartbeat, seeing my bump, feeling them move, I still can't really believe that I will ever become a mummy!! Even though it's something I have wanted forever!!!

    Sam xx
  • im 37+2 and like lindsayh all my stuff is ready, but its still not really sunk in that im having a baby. ive got a huge bump, spd, peeing every hour it seems plus a few other preg niggles, but it feels like its all just a dream! bring on labour!
  • It hasn't really sunk in yet either. It's weird. I go into mothercare and look at stuff and feel very overwhelmed. I leave thinking it's not really happening to me yet! Very strange. Hit hubby when we had the 12 week scan. His eyes widened like saucers when he saw baby on the screen! x
  • mine hit me when everytime I tried to move I wanted to hurl my guts up!!
  • i thought it would hit me today as its my due date today but nothings happened!!!
  • I'm currently 19weeks and, for me, it finally hit me when I saw that my belly button looked different. I'm an innie so being able to see more of my belly button was weird. lol
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