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raspberry leaf tea warning

hi just to let you all know that any1 thinking of taking raspberry leaf tea that i found a website that warns of taking it if you have had a previous c section etc .please click on the link to read take care claire


  • thank you for the warning!
  • Thanks for this Claire

    I was actually about to try some of the tablets but I guess I better avoid them as I've had a c-section before.

    Thanks again!

    Dawn :\)
  • maybe check it out witha health professional, as u shldn't believe everything on the internet, and that warning rules out all women who've ever experienced a pregnancy that wasn't utterly perfect, not so long ago there was a warning about wearing perfume! i do agree it is better to err on the side of caution tho, but don't take everything u find on the internet as pure fact, i say if ur worried check with ur a professional. i have found its best not google or look stuff up on the internet if ur pregnant, thousands and thousands of scare stories everywhere, if we went with everything we were 'advised to avoid' we wldn't leave our houses.


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