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Uncomfortable bump


Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this - I'm almost 29 weeks now and my bump is really quite sore and uncomfortable, mainly around the top, just under my boobs. It feels very tight. I saw the midwife today for a check up and she thought it might be Braxton hicks but it's uncomfortable most of the time, not on and off as I imagined BH would be.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Em x



  • hello i am 31 weeks and i have exactly the same,it is very painfull and feels bruised,i had the doctors today and apparently its the weight of your bump and you have to imagine all your organs are pushed up and your muscles are being stretched.apparently it wont get any better...oh how fun very slim and my bump is huge,so that explains why im in pain,are you the same?i was told my baby will prob be early as it is fighting for space(and dont i know it,it is really beating my hip up)im hopeing it will be 7 weeks as i have 9 weeks left and im so uncomfortable,you will prob find it difficult to breath soon,i do.but apparently that will calm down when the baby drops down abit more.hope this helps.


    p.s i find having a bath with johnsons baby night time bath (i think thats what it is called)really helps,it gets rid of the pain for a while.
  • Thanks Sammie, I'll try some of that Johnson's night time stuff. I've found that putting a warm hot water bottle on it seems to help too! I was worried my bump was big for my size but apparently it is measuring spot on!

    Em x
  • Hi, I have this too, at least, I think it's the same thing. I have a numb patch across the top of my bump which confusingly is also quite sore and bruised-feeling (and sometimes itchy). The skin looks normal. I find it's worse when I slouch and the bump presses up against my ribs

    My midwife says this is normal and it's just nerves etc. being stretched.

    It's a totally different feeling to the BH I get, which makes the whole bump but particularly the lower half go rock hard, like a cramp but less painful.

  • Oops, sorry - forgot to say, the only thing I've found which brings any relief is rubbing a bit of Savlon in (or is it Germolene? - whichever one has a bit of local anaesthetic in).

    I don't think wearing a bra helps, either - as soon as I get in from school mine comes off! :lol:

  • hi ladies

    yeah i've got this too had it for about 3 weeks now. thought it might be because my bra is a bit tight but i get it all night as well.

    think i might try the bath thing too

  • oh i also find wearing a bra hurts,which isnt exactly very good not wearing one,especially as my boobs are leaking like taps!lol,isnt pregnancy will prob also find the top of your back will start hurting eventually.deffinately try the bath it is fab.and it makes you sleep really well to.
  • ive been getting this for a few weeks too. i only get it in the evening and it feels really bloated and uncomfetable. it doesnt come and go so cant be BH's. also really sore/ kinda painful when i bend over and esp when i turn over in bed.
  • Hi
    Im having this too, tonight is the first time, and its bloody sore. My skin feels tight like its going to burst!! Kinda feels like trapped wind image
    I cant get comfy and feel a bit breathless.

    Sharon x

  • Im having the same problems uncomfy at night , tight skin , back pain and period type cramps across my ribs 😞

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