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SPD - Anyone have this?


I am having a bit of a week of it!

The 22 week scan showed up a porblme wiht the babys tummy and then yesterday was in a lot of pain and just been diagnosed with SPD! Can't believe it, everything was going so well until now!

Does anyone else have this or know of any miricle cures for it?!?


  • hello

    sorry to hear baby has a problem with its tummy.

    i have SPD, i was hoping i'd avoid it because i already suffer from pain 24/7 due to pre preg conditions. so i cant offer you any magical cures for it.

    saint bertie is the best to speak to for advice on this as she is the queen of spd knowledge

  • Please please listen to Saint Bertie and REST as much as you can.

    I had this really badly to the point where I was in a wheelchair for the last few weeks of my pregnancy and even now 6 months after having Tommy I still get slight pain (I had a c/section and the midwife hinted afterwards that they had pulled my legs quite far apart).

    The best thing I found to help with sleep is the silky pj's trick and you can also get a silky pillow to take everywhere with you to help you get up and down.

    You can get codeine phosphate and paracetamol from your doctors on free prescription which ease the pain a bit and are safe to take.

    I had never heard of this condition til I came on this site but the advice I was given on here was invaluable.

    Have a lovely restful christmas!
  • Thank you all! Was feeling a bit down about it when I posted on here but feeling much more positive now! Your advsie is really helpful and will make sure I get plenty of rest! Was due to go to see Dirty Dancing at the Theatre with soem friends today but have cancelled so I can rest (boo) but don't want to aggrivate it. The pain is actually a bit better than it was initally so hopefully I was just haveing a bad day so will have to keep an eye on it. Thanks again for all of your help x x
  • Hi hunny, glad your feeling better about it all, i was told i had it 2wks ago and at first i was quite down, but after speaking to our queen and getting some fab advice i feel alot better!!!

    I must say though the best advice is rest - as hard as it oh has been off work for a wk now, so i havent driven, hoovered - basically sat down and have done nothing, and god it feels better!!!! I actually drove to the shop yesterday and all that afternoon i was in so much really goes to show how doing so little can aggravate things!!! Must say tho im dreading him going back in jan - i have the school run 2x a day and am dreading it.......:cry:

    I deffo recommend the silk jammies (asked for some for xmas lol) and also got a HUGE support pillow for bed, which really helps!!!

    kim 25 + 2 xxx
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