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in so much pain

Hi ladies,
Im in so much pain with my sciatic nerve in my back and right down my right leg i can hardley walk,
im waiting for a hospital appointment for physo it doesnt help having a 21/2 year old to run around after.
luckly my mum has her today so i can rest.
oh and i have terrible heart burn 24 7.
got my mone out now
emma xxxxxx
25 weeks today xxx


  • Oh you poor thing ! I get sciatica too so can sympathise with how painful it is !
    How long have you been waiting for a physio appoitnment ? I only ask as I was referred for one last Tuesday as I have severe back pain (which isnt good with a desk job !) and still havent heard a peep out of them. I'm seriously considering just going to my local physio i used before and paying for it as I dont think I can cope much longer !!!

    MrsW 28+6
  • hi i have been waiting a week but have been told it can take up to 4 weeks for an appointment to come through.
    im a teaching assistant working with 3-5 years old so i do fine it hard at times i only have 9 weeks left to work im counting down every day.
    hope ur appointment comes soon,i have been using a heat pad witch help a bit
    emma 25 w xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I only have a little over 9 weeks left at work as well (unless bean decides to make an early appearence) and I too am just counting down the days !
  • Hi, a few weeks ago I developed bad pain in my left hip, and could hardly walk - not great when looking after my 21 month son! I went to a physiotherapist who gave me crutches, which were v useful, but didn't do much else. I've seen an osteopath a few times since, and she was fantastic - I couldn't put any pressure on my hip before, and was really worried about how I'd be able to give birth, but now I can get around the house with no crutches most of the time, and the pain in nowhere near as bad - I'm also sleeping much better. She said my pelvis was tilted and some muscles were contracting down onto the sciatic nerve, which was causing the pain. My pelvis is now straight, and the muscles are a lot looser.xx

    40 weeks
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