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please pleae help ? chemical pregnancy

Dear Ladies

I could really use some advice if anyone has a spare minute. I have cross posted this in MC support to see if anyone had experience there

We have taken a 3 day break after a very traumatic round of IVF treatment in which I over reacted to the stimulation drugs and our cycle was nearly cancelled 3 times. I have been so up and down. Today we are 13 days after egg collection this is when they get fertilised so it is like being 13 dp0.

Then yesterday - on my husbands birthday BFP. I was and am still nauseous and sick

We worked out the due date and i stuck a note on the bathroom mirror saying congratulations dad. It snowed - I was ? pegnant and it was the best present ever for hubbie

Still BFP this morning but I started bleeding... not spotting but full flow. I have never seen my husband cry in four years and he did this he thinks (as do I ) that the baby has gone....

Am I still pregnant or was this chemical??? how can you have full bleeding and a positive at the same time

Would really appreciate your advice

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  • Hi hun,

    It could be an early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy, or it could even be that you are still pregnant. Is the bleeding like a normal period? Have you had any clots or pain or anything? I have a friend who didn't realise she was pregnant as she had normal periods and only when they stopped at 5 months did she go to her GP and find out she was having a baby! I've also known women have bleeding during early pregnancy and all go on to be ok.

    I don't want to get your hopes up hun as obviously you are so desperately hoping to be pregnant and I will keep everything crossed for you that you are. xxx
  • HI

    I HAD REALLY REALLY HEAVY BLEEDING ,LIKE i flooded bed twice in one morning,went to hospital and told all was fine except it was twins,my twins are 7weeks old today.
    just so you know it can happen and be ook.

    mandy xx
  • thanks - have some pain and clots am not feeling that sure what is happening. Just tested again so not with FMU and still BFP....

    MMs how early on did you experince the bleeding?

    thank you for your help.....

  • Hello hun, hope you're bearing up ok. I had a heavy bleed at 5+1, heavy flow and bright red for about 5 mins, then it cleared up and just brown spotting for a week. had a scan at 6+2 and bean was still there. had another bleed at 7+6 this time passed v large clot, bleeding was the same, very heavy for a few mins then completely cleared up, again had brown spotting for a further week, then at 8+6 I bled again, this time it wasn't so heavy and lasted for about 12 hours and had some small clots. Again, after a scan the bean was still there and they found a clot in my uterus which was causing the bleeding and also breaking up and coming away. The one thing I have never had with any of the bleeds has been pain. But I just wanted to say that you can bleed and pass clots and still be pregnant. I would def ring your EPU and get booked in for a scan, unless your IVF clinic will scan you? They might not see you for a week or so as they will want to wait so that they can tell whether the pregnancy is viable. But they might do bloods to see what is happening to your HCG levels and may be able to tell from an internal exam if your cervix is slightly open.

    I'm sorry if this sounds a bit clinical or graphic, I truly, truly hope all is ok, hun. keep us posted. xxxx
  • I know you must be so worried right now, i really hope everything turns out ok. My advice would be to rest and look after yourself and if you're worried see your GP or ask to be referred to EPU.

    Good luck, i will be thinking of you.

    Amy. x
  • Thanks girls you are fab. We are away at the moment but I will keep on with the progesterone from the IVF clinic - I took it today anyway with the folic etc.
    It has really helped to hear that you can bleed and still be PG.... Will wait and test tomorrow. I am sure the IVF clinci will scan me and possbly do bloods.
    You have helped a great deal thank you
  • Sending you lots of love and sticky baby dust xx
  • j-jenko, just to say I'm thinking of you xx
  • Hope all is ok for you, Ive had a few bleeds and all has been ok so i have everything crossed for you.
    Take care xx
  • sending u lots of love- hope everything is ok. xxx
  • JJ!! Big hugs hun..... pray everything is okay for you sweetie..... xxx
  • hun if it is a chemical pregnancy, do another hpt, it will show negative. thats what happened to me, but i've also bled several times with this pg and am now 31+2!!! bleeding doesn't always mean bad news!!!! fingers crossed for u hunni xxxxx
  • I have been following your story and I have my fingers crossed everything is ok hun. Take care xx
  • Everything crossed for you, I know how much you want and deserve this xx
  • I have every single thing crossed for you honey I truly do, you both deserve this so much.

    K xx
  • Hoping and praying it's good news, as K-lou says there aren't many people who deserve this as much as you do.
  • hello my lovely girls

    A great big thank you - I am overwhelmed as always that people are so kind and generous
    You must have thought I had gone AWOL, just got home now and internet kept dropping out this AM at the hotel grrrr

    We were having our post IVF and my husbands birthday treat.

    Were staying in the hotel opposite Jamie Olivers 'fifteen restuarant' . As my husband was saying we took magic bean number sixteen (16 is the name/number of the embryo that was transferred) to fifteen. Had my first experience of not eating the cheese board and only having a sip of wine. Was quite surreal.

    All fab - took pictures on the beach to commemerate the day we came parents and OH's 38th and my husband bought me a necklace. It was like a fairytale especially coupled with the backdrop of a snowy beach.

    The the bleeding started about the time I would have expected AF but I had morning sickness and we both noticed that my bra no longer fits!!

    Have read all of your LOVELY replies and realised that I know a lot about infertility but zip about pregnancy

    I have the suspicion that it is not a chemical pregnancy as I can do any test and POAS anytime. As rachie says I think the BFP fades after a couple of days

    Have the much hallowed CB digital at my elbow with a word I thought I would never see 'pregnant' and a couple of other types of test. Let me see belt braces and any other type of thing to keep up the trousers.

    I was just really thrown as I didn't realise you could produce so much blood (am still bleeding) and be pregnant.

    Am off to the clinic first thing am guessing pregnancy is either ok, early MC or just possibly ectopic ,,,, hence 2 days bleeding and still positve test.

    Will know more tomorrow and will update you
    great big kisses to you all as you have really helped not just me but my husband too

    As curious as it sounds I know we were parents for a few days at least which is a million miles further than ever before.


  • J-Jenko, I have been keeping an eye out for your post and so so hoping everything is going to be ok for you and No.16. I wish you all the luck in the world for tomorrow at the clinic and the strength to deal with whatever news comes. I have everythng crossed for you. xxx
  • Hi J-Jenko have just been reading your post's i really hope that everything goes ok for you tomorrow. Throwing lots of sticky baby dust your way xxxx
  • Hi flower, I've been looking out for your post, just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorow, have absolutely everything crossed for you for good news. Also just wanted to say, I've not spoken to you before, but am so impressed by your strength and your positivity after such a hard slog to get where you are, it's really inspirational to hear. Thinking of you. x
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