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please pleae help ? chemical pregnancy



  • just to say keeping my fingers crossed for you today big hugs to you both xx
  • Just popped over from the long-timers to say I have everything crossed for you JJ. Will be keeping my eyes peeled for your good news.

  • I've been looking out for your post - good luck, and lots of sticky baby dust to you.

  • Hi JJ

    I've only just seen this and want to say that I hope so much that everything turns out well and that no 16 hangs on in there. As you say, whatever happens, this is a huge step forwards towards having your baby. So wonderful to know that it has happened and can happen and I so hope that you get the news you want today.

    P.S. I know nothing about IVF (yet!) but could the bleed just be something to do with the hormones / treatment rather than AF?

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  • Hello ladies
    I popped to the IVF clinic, think I've got frequent flyer status after the OHSS treatment.

    The consultant was really lovely, the only thing to be done at the moment is to take serial measurements of the HCG in blood.
    If they double in 48 hours then everything is fine for now. YAYYYYYYY

    Othewise there is a chance of ectopic or MC

    I am being sent home for bed rest, even though he said nothing would really infulence the outcome.

    I can cosy down at home anyway and do some work on the PC

    Fingers crossed my lovelies, I won't know anything until sunday / monday....

    I wish I had the words to express how amazing you have all been. When we were stuck in cornwall and really low it felt like I could reach out for information. Which I got back topped with well wishes and so much kindness

    You all ROCk
  • Hi Mrs J, I've only just seen this-had been looking in ltttc to see if you had any news.
    What an awful worry you have had. I have absolutely everythig crossed that your HCG does as it should do.
    Rest and take care of yourself.
    Sending you lots of 'super sticky in the right place' babydust.
  • Keeping my fingers crossed that your HCG levels double hun xxx

  • Hey lovelies
    Spoke to the consulant last night and the HCG levels (61) were slightly higher than expected at this early stage which is a good sign.
    However the crucial measurement is saturday - we should know the results in the evening. We need to score 100 or more
    However still bleeding continues hard to believe bean is safe it must be like trying to hold on in a waterfall

    Anyway am surprisingly calm and will let you know our numbers.
    If they are good I might be able to celebrate... seems like I might jinx everything if I get excited about the BFP.
    All love
  • Fingers crossed for you and No.16

  • Ahhhh well spoke to the doctor and at 48 hours the HCG has only gone up to 72 (from 61) and it was really supposed to be over a 100 or doubled.

    Just didn't expect that despite all the bleeding was feeling really optimistic and even sneaked a read of a pregnancy book this AM in the book shop.

    Have another test in 48 hours so they have not written us off but consultant said it was not good.

    Did anyone experience anything like this with HCG levels???? .... friday would have been the equivalent of 15 dpo and today 17 dpo.... as we have IVF

    thank you for all your messages of hope and luck it really does mean the world
  • aww hun i hope everything will be ok for you. take care and let us know how you get on after your next test.
  • I have only just seen this post, i have everything crossed for you your OH and number 16. You are in my prayers.

    Lisa xxx
  • Keeping absolutely everything crossed for you that all will be well, flower. Am thinking about you. xx
  • Good luck hunni, have only just read this post. I really hope everything works out for you xx
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