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Who had AF type cramps before you got your BFP?

Hi girlies

as the title says!
I've been having bad AF type cramps since last Monday, AF was due Friday, Sat or today, but nothing yet. Am going to buy a test today, but have to keep running to the loo to check for AF, thats how bad the cramps are!

Stupid body! ha ha!



  • I had it bad (cramps) for like the week b4 and time after af was due. I was like after a fw days hold on it was due???? cramps dont normally doesn't last this long?? Then i tested - bfp!! Hopefully its the same 4 u. fingers crossed. I only got bfp 4 days after af was due aswell (was using clearblue digi aswell!)
  • I had cramps and even said to hubby that we hadn't done it that month as af was on her way as I had period pain, I had them all the way up to 6 weeks pg and then they died off, I get the off twinge now and then still, I am 9 +2 now. Good luck, hope you get your BFP image xx
  • Oh yes

    I'd heard that af type cramps were an early sign of pregnancy but thought that I'd had afs so regularly for so long that there was no way it could be that similar.

    I kept running to the loo convinced that af was there. I got my bfp 4 -6 days after I was due.

    But in the month I got my bfp a number of ladies did have afs starting late. I was the lucky one.

    Hope you're lucky too hun.


  • Wow! Didn't realise it was that common, thank you so much for replying - keeping everything crossed!

  • im getting tummy cramps too..feel like im gonna have my af..was due on the 6th may.didnt think i was pregnant as the cramps are so bad..never had this with my other pregnancies.idid a test sat just incase and im pregnant!! about 6wks i think x .good luck hunni xxx
  • Congratulations!!!

    God, am really trying not to get my hopes up, but its soo not working! Ha ha! Me and hubby want this bfp so much!

  • I did too Cass. I was absolutely convinced we hadn't done it that month. I never had cramps with my first pregnancy either so it was quite a shock how similar to AF cramps they were. Good luck!
  • i did and they continued to about 14 weeks!
  • Hay cass image

    The month i got my BFP i hadn't tested as i had AF like pains and i was going loo every min to check.... I always started testing about 9dpo and the only reason i didn't that month was the pains at 1 point i even took painkillers they were so bad

    Loads of Luck

    Gembags xxxxxx
  • Hi im ttc atm too.
    Im 12DPO today and been having cramping since thursday, also been having spotting since thurs too, just little bits of brown in my underwear (sorry tmi).
    I have taken 3 tests so far, all BFN image
    Am hoping this is from implantation and not AF on her way.
    Im now just going to wait to see if the witch arrives i think, although im so tempted to test again tomoro.
    Dont think i can face seeing another BFN.
    Good luck hun
  • I did! I got AF cramps and pre-AF sore boobs the exact same dpo I always did. I even posted on here in TTC saying 'that's it, I'm out' and Matilda is now nearly 5 weeks old image

    Good luck! x
  • hi hun,

    i had cramps too if you remeber i didnt post for a while coz i was upset i thought we hadnt done it again and we had. good luck hun, hope this is your month.xxxx
  • Aww, guys thanks for the replies. Hugs to Gems and Angel, Hope you're both doing well!
    Em_lou hope you get your BFP hun. I tested this afternoon, but was a bfn, if AF doesn't show tonight, I will test tomorrow morning! Silly me got carried away! Got absolutely no spotting and sides of me boobs are soo sore, smacked hubby in town cos he accidentally nudged one, lol!

    If this isn't a bfp then I give up, I've had every bloody symptom in the book! image
  • hello hun, The month i got my BFP was they only month i felt like i didnt have symptoms lol
    Don't feel down you'll get that BFP xxxx

    gem x

  • Ha ha, sounds about right. TBH, I'm actually okay about it, its hubby who would be really sad bless him, I just so want to get it for him.
    Just trying to remember what all my other AF's have been like. Bbs normally stop being sore and I break out in spots, well my bbs are sore and no break out, so feeling quite positive - apart from jumpin up and down like a yo-yo to go to the loo! lol!

    Saw your sickness is bad at the moment hun, you managing to keep down fluids? xxx
  • ya have been drinking better today thank you ive managed food to image not much.... but i did make welsh cakes coz i fancied them and just ate 6 image

    I have been using the ladies suggestions and have been eating lots of ice and i made squash flavor ice so that helped xx

    After i thought i didn't have symptoms i realized i had millions it was only that we weren't ttc that month that i didn't think about them till after - i had sore boobies i didnt go loo from 4 dpo till about 9dpo i was really tired and i was thirsty image

    Loads of luck - just seen you got a BFN what dpo r u?? any ideas i got a very faint line at 13dpo and didn't get a see without light line till 16dpo
    Hope it just early for you xx
  • Glad you're managing to keep stuff down, Welsh cakes sound yummy!
    Am about 13dpo, I have really short LP which I was getting a bit concerned about, tend to OV about CD18. Might wait for a few days to be sensible! xxx
  • I had very bad AF type cramps a week or two before my BFP. I was so sure my af was due anyday I waited a week to test after I missed my period. I only came off my pill October 09 and my cycles were all over the place too. I had Implantation bleeding the day my af was due too... I thought it was af but only lasted a few days.... did a test and came back negative a few times and finally a few weeks later it came back BFP! image I babbled on a bit there... sorry xXx Hope you get bfp soon xoxoxoxoxox
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