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Who had AF type cramps before you got your BFP?



  • im still getting cramps..spoke to midwife today she said not to worry is normal..think im about 7 wks just waiting for a scan date..never had nausea so bad..good luck cass and hope you get your bfp soon xxxx
  • i had cramps the week before bfp and im still having them now i think im about 6 weeks x
  • my first pregnancy i had the worst af cramps,i had to breath throw the pain,i thought af was coming,i had the pain for about a week and thought sod it,iam gonna test and then af will show,so was shocked when it turned to be a bfp

  • i had pains worse than my usual AF cramps around implantation i think. i didnt know thats what they were at the time, but working the dates back, it was about right!
    they were horrendous, reall bad, i could barely move. but am now nearly 9 weeks, so cant have been that bad!
  • Hi hun, I got my BFP on Wednesday and I started getting AF cramps a week before that, and they are still continuing now....only they've nothced up a level and are really uncomfortable. I've read its just the bean settling in, fingers crossed for dust x
  • Hi im new here. I been reading these for a couple days now. Kind of nervous. 

    So i have a question. 

    Im 26dpo and 12 days late AF. But im on the arm birth control, it expired about 10 days ago. And now im feeling preg. Symptoms. Took a pt about 5days ago and it was a BFN. So now im waiting another week to test this friday. Because a day ago i felt cramping on my vjj area and no AF .

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