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sore boobies....

Hi every1, hope ur all blooming.. I'm 10 weeks pregnant this week with my 1st, still waiting for my midwife appointment (not happy)
I have no symptons apart from extremely heavy sore boobs, does this continue or will they ease off a little as my pregnancy progresses? I wee a lot but that is manageable, sometimes I take my bra off and have to hold them a while! I am big chested anyway and have already grown a cup size!!!!


  • Absolutely make sure your bra fits properly, go to a bra fitter - M and S were great with me, maybe bravissimo will too for bigger chests. My boobs still a little tender (19+3 wks) but mostly ok now. were agony though, and still hurt when i run or lie on my belly. (not that either of those v easy to do now!).
    It's just one of those things we have to pput up with when reproducing...wish the men went through half the stuff we do when having a baby.
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